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  1. ELane Rissler

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  2. nine one one

    18:11 "F U N D R A I S I N G"

  3. Pavle Dinic

    Please upload more often.

  4. XxRipstikersxX

    wait did they actually kiss

  5. Christian Ancheta

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  6. JJ14

    Oversimplified is the best history channel.

  7. David Mandel

    24:59 Luffy Intensifies

  8. Auws1000

    Am I the only one that loves to rewatch all of his videos or am I a weirdo

  9. trocha419

    Do one on Ireland and the IRA. Pleaseeeee thank you.

  10. kimo M.

    This is realy stupid

  11. michigan state676

    Vietnam oversimplified next

  12. Jaylean Moccio

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  13. IJN Ishizuchi

    I’m 13, not 28.

  14. Lanito wax

    maybe if the vikings logged into skillshare they would have won

  15. JAXSON FOURNERAT (Student)

    Napelon. I will successfully invade Russia. Russia. You can’t successfully invade us. Everyone except for the mongols has failed in successfully invading all of us. We have weapons. One we have the winter, two we will run away and not fight him, and finally we will burn everything in his path to the ground. Russia defeats Napelon. Napelon. Oh crud.

  16. DeJa Vu

    when is vietnam war coming?

  17. Mardal Sow

    500 casualties? A small price for bucket


    Why would this foolish Nepolean not eliminate the root cause of the problem ? The British?

  19. plexussacralis

    Moral of this: women ruin everything...

  20. Achyet

    Hitler lost Moscow This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Stalingrad This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Kursk This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Normandy This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Warsaw This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost the battle of the bulge This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Budapest This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Berlin This enraged his father but this time he was an old ass man so he just let it go, and then died of a lung hemorrhage, Hitler then proceeded to punish himself severely

  21. Mishi and my cute little puppy cj and Raninya sean

    Marrying your cousin lol Me uh

  22. Mishi and my cute little puppy cj and Raninya sean

    Him Look at this baby Me uh huh

  23. The Ethiopian Empire

    *France falls* Napoleon in Heaven or Hell:ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE COUNTRY I LEAD!?

  24. The Ethiopian Empire

    And Ethiopia got alot of guns and planes from Britain and france

  25. The Ethiopian Empire

    Uh Italy only beat Ethiopia because they used chemicals not like a massive army

  26. Andruw Melanson

    The french guy in the beginning said no its tragic

  27. Bonnie Bonnie

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  29. MadmanJoE100

    I mean.....did the cavalry guy really have to have his sword drawn on the way out in the birthing scene. Lol

  30. Music Central

    Most American thing I can think of Guns.

  31. Dutch van der Linde


  32. xBabySealx

    16:30 “WHAT? The people won’t stand for this!” “WHAT PEOPLE?” “This is why people don’t like you” Me: “what people?”

  33. cvbrocks

    See, this video aged like milk for me. Politically im seeing alot of moves being made that legitimately mirror hitler's rise.

  34. Oskthemosk

    Oversimplified will release the Vietnam war in November 24 or in December 24 how do I know well... In the French Revolution it was uploaded on June 28 and the nepoleonic wars were released on may 28 and oversimplified teased the nepoleonic wars COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT And the Cold War was released on January 24 soo the Vietnam war will be released on December 24 or in November 24 Prob in November 24 tho Also he teased it in the Cold War too BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY Or a oversimplified theory Hope I am right lol Send this to his reddit please I don’t use it

  35. Wattanai James

    Axis power was basically germany and japan. lol

  36. Matthew Oliver

    A toast to women 🍾

  37. Lil chigga

    Can we have the Balkan war or the Vietnam war next pweeaaase

  38. D Day Dog58

    Wasn't really a war, more a violation

  39. Master Longo

    Respect for the guy that had his balls stabbed

  40. ryan capps

    john paul jones im related to im from my great great great great grandpa

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  42. memelord 776

    I’m the beginning I thought I was watching the nepolionic wars

  43. louai 've nights at freddy

    When time will you make new videos?

  44. Obnoxious Brit

    4:00 man really didn’t say nobility instead of ability

  45. dino snoppy

    Nobody: People in the crowds when there watching Football(or soccer if your an imperial scumbag): 1:48

  46. Janet Hernandez

    When we will we get the Russian civil war? I commented when will we get Napoleonic wars video I got a bunch of likes and 5 days later Napoleon video came out.

  47. Bryce Hayek

    Playing the game Last Stop and a question in the game asks who came after Anne Boleyn this video helped me answer

  48. Michael He

    as native speaker of Chinese, i have to say ur pronunciation is pretty well, maybe better than my English

  49. Martin Castro

    Why are Robert E Lee and US marines dress in blue?

  50. Vivien Lee

    it's like starting a campaign made by your own fans!

  51. jared glinka

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  52. AminAware

    I watched both vids, defo one of you're finest works yet. Well done

  53. MintyTea

    Tobruk was defend also with the Polish Army

    1. MintyTea

      Polish soldiers who fought there was a prison of Soviet Union Stalin give them freedom after Katyn massacre where Russians killed over 20 thousand polish officers and policemen

  54. Snexygaming 247

    “Buy, buy! Man, this is great! The market will continue to grow forever!” “But… what if it doesn’t?” “… Oh CRAP, I never thought of that! SELL, SELL!!!”

  55. Carole Cannella

    6:08 America:hey look at this * dumps tea into water* UK:NOOOOO

  56. Real Abraham Lincoln

    You forgot my father punished me severely

  57. John Titor

    This was wonderfully portrayed in Avatar The Last Airbender. That's pretty bad ass. The mind control the Earth Kingdom used were historic Nazi recruiting tactics.

  58. Luke Charters

    I found wheres wally, xD

  59. PlayStation Gamer


  60. Guillermo.A. Rovayo

    Social studies: nah Oversimplified: YEAAA

  61. Joshua Risebro

    "Britain's pretty pissed that Germany's invading neutral countries" Britain's colonies: 😐

  62. Neonboy863

    Napoleon: Well pucker up, boyo! Pierre: Yay! :D

  63. Miguel Galvezvillanueva

    “And he liked gathering them to play war games” Well that a hobby that never ended…

  64. Just some guy Without a mustache

    Lol battleifeld 6 hahaha batktl new game

  65. Just some guy Without a mustache

    Wow lol the battlefield hames are teally fun

  66. Just some guy Without a mustache

    Woaw making history interesting

  67. TheaniAVendettA

    What's the name of the Marching Song at the start?

  68. Scotland The Brave

    "Now holding a defensive position at Waterloo." Boomers: don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing.

  69. William Weaver

    Hoover didn't become President until over a month after the St Valentine's Day Massacre

  70. Reve Cosse

    4:29 what the hell was she get bored or drunk or sumn?!?!??!

  71. Little Bon

    7:18 George is a russian spy

  72. Žiga

    Can you do a video on collapse of yugoslavia?


    So Harry Potter helped?