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    By Kevin MacCleod:
    Eastern Thought
    Ishikari Love


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    1. Achyet

      6:09 this enraged the eunuch's father who punished him severely

    2. 神Anin๑҉杏眾༼ ༺Bob༻


    3. Menard kyle Corral

      6:10 how the hel is alois shiklgruber (hi lers step dad) in the background

    4. FAL

      I thought the European and the middle eastern history was the craziest and most complicated history ever !

    5. Commander Tiger 1

      6:17 why is Alois there?

    6. Olivia

      Doesn’t Lu Bu’s hat kinda look like a hand holding up their middle finger? Just to me? Okay 😂

    7. Auni Muttalib

      9:39 Oversimplified you say-

    8. Joe Momma

      I’ve deadass been procrastinating on watching a damn yt video lmao

    9. Michael He

      as native speaker of Chinese, i have to say ur pronunciation is pretty well, maybe better than my English

    10. Hiyadeus

      Nice video, just some supplements and some fun facts. 7:00 why Dong Zhuo change the emperor? /1. To show his power and build his prestige. /2. No much power stands behind this little brother. (Big brother's mother's brother is general He Jin, though He Jin is killed by the 8 eunuch, his hidden power and effect still exist) /3. The political legality of big brother can be eliminated, and by 'supporting' the new emperor, he has his own correct political legality. And more, it's little brother's mother's dead wish to let him be emperor, which makes this more legal. 8:50 Diao Chan (the hot girl mentioned) does not exist. She is in the fiction, not in the history. The fact is, Lu Bu slept Dong Zhuo's slave-girl and Dong Zhuo nearly killed him, which makes him anxious. Lu Bu told Wang Yun about this, then Wang Yun advised him to kill Dong Zhuo. 13:23 The 'wind direction' is important in the Red Cliffs. Actually all of them know how the fire-attack is important in that age. If the wind direction is not southeastern, the fire will kill those surrender ships and maybe their main ships behind but hardly harm Cao Cao's ships. He should have known this, so the real situation could be a lot more complicated. But who knows, maybe just simply because Cao Cao got a lot of surrender letters in his past battles and got used to this, especially in the battle of Guan Du. 13:54 R.I.P. Guan Yu.

    11. Hari Timsina

      can you do aincheint nepal 8000 years ago indus valley civiliation

    12. Marco Cruz

      But why is the Emperor and monarchy so important to maintain. If the warlord just took over why preserve the royal family. What’s so important about the royal bloodline?

    13. mighty kratos

      Lu bu didn't die, he just went to go fight the God of thunder Thor

    14. AK47_51

      Can you do the Sengoku Jidai?

    15. For Restricted Video

      And now we got Taiwan and China 😂

    16. A listless being

      8:30 the two red paintings with words at the back 永遠不會放棄你 (never gonna give you up) 永遠不會讓你失望 (never gonna let you down) hmm did i just get rickrolled in chinese?

    17. Rashawn The Gaming Master

      6:12 lol it's Hitler's dad


      2:55 when he said: "and while you're there eating your popstickle, everyone in your court is litterly murdering each other." if i was the emperor, i would just call them to stop.

    19. Grace Lee

      Wait wait wait, is that a rickroll in Chinese! OverSimplified you are sneaky.

    20. Cauny Nur Al-Hayah

      I dunno how many times I have to take a break. to take a deep breathing

    21. Alex Mazino

      Where is ganyu?!

    22. Mr Noobie

      I kind of kept up with the chaos in China

    23. jared glinka

      The supreme button comparatively shiver because addition etiologically yawn regarding a innocent squirrel. important, impossible clipper

    24. BlueFox

      Legend says that dong zhous body is still burning

    25. Brande Smith

      The mysterious appendix undoubtedly excuse because alloy inspiringly desert following a ludicrous beauty. awake, medical married

    26. Avetis Zakharyan

      who else saw hitlers dad there? ... uh okay, that guy :/

    27. JIANNI

      Technically China has fought with itself the most, I mean it still is

    28. WolfyZ

      Let’s take a moment to aprecciate the fact that there is a Province in northern China and northern North Korea called You Province.

    29. Trent Fila

      6:08 I just noticed now Hitler's father punishing the Eunuch. 🤣

    30. fiona lam

      0:21 Im chinese and 20 seconds in and im already rick rolled i hate you (just kidding, love your vids)

    31. Aditya balakrishnan

      Lu bu =lube

    32. Benny Roman

      The unsuitable barber globally sound because router tellingly carve save a evanescent point. complex, shivering guarantee

    33. sex haver

      i never knew this period in history could be this interesting wow great video

    34. El Capitano

      Imagine preparing for history exam in China lol

    35. Marie-Pier Edwards

      The timeline when china was split depending on warlords was most likely the “Warring States Period”

    36. John Hung

      In Ancient times, Bat muching CCP Kung Flu'ers ruled the galaxy

    37. Evil Peter

      china is whole again! *then it broke again*

    38. ari pranoto

      6:10 that made him angry so he punished him again

    39. Archana Adhana

      6:20 This proves that Hitler's father was a time traveller!!!!

    40. Dong Yang

      Sth is wrong. Basically, yellow turban rebellion was put down before the death of Emperor Ling, the old emperor. The problem is the young one couldn't take control of court. After such huge rebellion, political system could't work well.

    41. Jackson Dian Bobbry Ganing

      the political decay theories which were introduced by Aristotle and Polybius are mostly confirmed by the changing of dynasties in ancient China. The rise and fall of the certain dynasty and the division of the kingdom into smaller parts which were resulted from the instability of the government and the failure of it to recover from that instability which made it irrelevance thus being replaced by another group of ruler

    42. Jackson Dian Bobbry Ganing

      yeah the real location of cao cao's tomb has yet to be found which could prove that he is indeed really good in playing tricks or that his existence is just a folklore

    43. Marsar


    44. خالد القحطاني

      Who came here after seen this movie in Netflix

    45. No Woman No Cry

      As a Chinese crazy about this history I have to say this video is so funny that made me laugh with its interesting over simple way. But Zhang Jue should be Zhang Jiao, maybe a little difficult to pronounce for English speakers lol

    46. BangJaws

      The PS2 game "Dynasty Warriors" taught me this story when i was 10yrs old

    47. Sean McArdle

      What is that battle song called?

    48. MH ID


    49. TCTC

      I'm chinese doing research in china history, especially 3 kingdoms 0:46 It was real, the Xia dynasty existed, lasting for approximately 400+ years 3:59 The total population at that time was not even much more then a million, and the yellow turban rebelliors only sum up to a hundred thousand 4:23 Sorry but, yeah, you were 100% correct about your pronounciation 8:28 The legend was mostly likely to be true, but the super hot woman Diao Chan was actually a made up person. Also that offical purposely offered his daughter to Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo, as he predicted that the 2 would fight with each other over Diao Chan, and he could use this chance to get rid Dong Zhuo Nice vid though, you got most of the points correct (except for the pronounciation)

    50. 김현모

      It seems like Oversimplified is interested in Eastern history as well. So... Oversimplified, why don't you make a video about this? : "Joseon dynasty and modern Korea" (You know what? Korea's ancestor country Joseon is the country which wrote the largest single dynasty history record called "Veritable records of the Joseon dynasty(조선왕조실록)")

    51. Caleb Daily Calbee

      So I live in Hong Kong and Zhang Fei is cool

    52. Maithili Athavale

      Great animation

    53. Narrow

      6:07 "This enraged Adolf's father who punished the Eunuchs severely"

    54. Muslim speeding

      6:08 If you look closely, you can see aldolf’s Father beating up one of the Eunuchs

    55. SkyFloats


    56. Just like E

      6:08 this enraged Adolf's father who punish the Chinese severely

    57. Muhd Hanif

      Play dynasty warrior 6 to know all the big war that happen between 3 kingdoms

    58. Roko Tadic

      Hitler's dad was also helping

    59. Pan Torcha

      0:21 that was a rick rolled in simplified Chinese how could you @oversimplified

    60. Rasdan Handel

      Huh, the way dynasty changes in ancient china feels familiar. As if it happens in modern age...

    61. Ben King

      3:44 Look at her little ears! *The people loved his political thinking-*

    62. Dark Bulb

      If you want to know more about the history and families of the three kingdoms then i recommend to you to play the dynasty warrior 4. Its settings takes place in the three kingdoms including the battle of hei bei and battle hulao gate

    63. kim anh nguyen

      6:08 is that hitler's father

    64. William Polkowski

      Can you make a video about the chinese civil war/the formation of taiwan? Also i loved the englishman in the background spanking the eunuch.

    65. Ashton Gao

      5:29 The two characters on the wall are "dog" (left) and "cat" (right) lol

    66. chaotixninja5

      Some guy: "Aren't you worried that you stole Lu Bu's girl and betrayal is kind of his thing?" Doung Zhou: "Lu Bu? Betray me? Pfft. That'll never happen." Johnny Test: "3...2..1..."

    67. toxic

      this is one of the best videos i have ever watched

    68. Gambare Gambare Senpai

      Ah I'm corrupted by the Chinese manhuas

    69. MaseMan

      6:10, top left of the stair case

    70. Dexter Hewitt


    71. Unnamed Player

      6:07 Bonus points to everyone who saw what was happening in the background

      1. William Polkowski


    72. Ryuichi Lawliet

      Your joke are gold

    73. Ryuichi Lawliet


    74. Ryuichi Lawliet


    75. November ft Blue

      This video is less interested without the presence of Zhuge Liang! but i love your video

    76. Cool Kid 6

      Y. is adolfs dad there

    77. Stormflame Dawnlight


    78. World.

      At 6:15 in the background there is Alois Hitler spanking someone nice

    79. 4Sight

      Idk what game this dude was talking about but just play dynasty warriors

    80. OutlawPrince

      The romance of the three kingdoms is such an amazing book. I also love the video games that arose from it, Dynasty warriors 3 was my childhood.

    81. Simon Marshall

      Someone inevitably builds a lake of alcohol... a part of me can't help but find that level of corruption and decadence impressive.

    82. The EFG CHANNEL

      we want ottoman Empire oversimplified

    83. Tanvi Thorat

      I fucking love this chanel wuhuuuuuu

    84. Hank Young

      The correct spelling of the Yellow Turban' leader is Zhang Jiao (3:23), Jue is another variant of his written name.

    85. bo

      bro i thought this was gonna be about the three korean kingdoms 👁👄👁

    86. Lucy Woodruff

      *”which enraged his father, who punished him severly.”*

    87. Stevenn

      Two rickrolls in this video one in 0:22 and one in 8:35

    88. School

      6:14 Who noticed hitler's father there?

    89. The Dualist

      6:09 This enraged hitlers father, who punished them severely.

    90. qing

      Wheres zho won

    91. Quinn Hackett

      "wait. Not kingdoms. Dynasties. And when the 3 KINGDOMS formed, nothing really happened."

    92. Napstablook

      At 6:08 you can see Hitler's dad on the background

    93. Mattieu Malfois

      6:09 why is alois hitler in the background

    94. Noah

      3:52 can you find the imposter?

    95. Giorno Giovanna

      The fact that he rickrolled us in Chinese

    96. CraftXLGamer

      If you want quick simplfied history of old China in one world then here is it : CIVIL WAR

    97. Annie Rogers

      6:07 this enraged adolfs father, who travelled back in time to punish the chinese severely