The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. OverSimplified

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      1. DEDMON Bleh


      2. Typical Italian

        When I realize I would have gotten my head chopped off

      3. Ash. Bl.

        Hey OverSimplified. could you list the Reformation ( Martin Luther History) and the 30 years war. You really do a fantastic job.

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      5. Grunt 27

        N o

    2. Leon Paelinck

      I lvoe how a guy in a bathtub is more important than the king

    3. Hari Timsina

      common nord vpn is banned in nepal

    4. Ash. Bl.

      Hey OverSimplified could you list the Reformation ( Martin Luther History( and the 30 years war.

    5. 乂Ꭰᥲʀκ͢❥Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ]乂

      Marie Antoinette : Your Majesty, we need a decisive action you need to step up and lead us, what will you do? Louis XVI : we'd party hard

    6. 乂Ꭰᥲʀκ͢❥Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ]乂

      Tax collector : is your son a boy? She : Yes Tax Collector : There's gonna be a tax for that

    7. Renee Manzoor

      0.54 LOL 😂

    8. Auws1000

      Am I the only one that loves to rewatch all of his videos or am I a weirdo

    9. Reve Cosse

      4:29 what the hell was she get bored or drunk or sumn?!?!??!

    10. Kaledonical

      Proof we are getting too old: this video came out 2 years ago

    11. Sbongile Ngoma

      Where was this video when I was in high school😂

    12. Wait Bristol is red, always has been

      0:30 that an Easter egg to The video on the Napoleonic Wars

    13. Jeje Mama

      The French monarchy would have still been here if they just used honey to save money

    14. Zayne Wolf

      Explains everything about France

    15. Daber TV

      “Do you breathe” “YEAH THERE’S A TAX FOR THAT”

    16. JIANNI

      I like the foreshadowing in every one of his videos that implies there's going to be a next

    17. ً

      They went total EA back then

    18. AES

      2021 History starting to repeat itself...

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    20. John

      Stop trying to be funny and just tell us the the facts

    21. Dev Shah

      *Stuff in France was going badly. This enraged Robespierre who punished France severely.*

    22. GamingChannel

      0:18 i thought they became snakes

    23. EpicEj51

      But oversimplified, Robespierre didn’t cut off everyone’s heads the Vikings did.

      1. ridcu


    24. ryry1008

      France wouldn't be in debt if they just use honey

    25. Son of Liberty

      You’ll have to make a part 3 to include 2021 my guy.

    26. 344 David C. Lalnelawma

      2023 was 2 years ago?

    27. BJomg Campos

      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as king louis once said

    28. AlmondTheAlmond

      "Hey, my hair is a boat" This made me choke on my own crushed soul

    29. cowcaine

      OOOoOoh NOoOoOo! -king Louis XVI

    30. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

      On the coronation : Hi, I'm Louis XVI, welcome to Jackass!

    31. Ritu Shravya

      I wish you were my history teacher is would have been my favourite subject by now😭😭☹️✨👀

    32. Catalin Popescu that wrong, you have... Fear leads to Anger, Anger leads not to Violence. Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering...

    33. Nono Mxotwa

      When's your next video Oversimplified

    34. Denisse Espinal Reyes

      The abashed parent scilly colour because helen enthrallingly chew at a tranquil melody. elderly, jazzy balance

    35. Kirill Kupov

      The future futuristic atm phylogenetically challenge because swim conformably lock absent a young spruce. bizarre, abounding coast


      I know all about this by just playing ac unity 😅

    37. moimeme820

      It’s beyond “oversimplified” at that stage and rather between blatantly false and caricatural. Among lots of things: - “taxing the poor”: no, in fact there was a first rebellion inside the nobility by 1787-1788 because the king wanted to start taxing them. Then the heavy lifting of new taxes was on the bourgeoisie, technically in the third estate but often times richer than the first two estates. And FYI the tax on salt and the clerical dime had been created centuries before the revolution - Then on the estate general: it is not a government. There was a government, centralized around the king and also localisés within the regions. The estates was the best way to change the tax regime - on Louis XVI being a fat coward: that is just blatant propaganda from during the e revolution. He was a ruler and in fact not a bad one. Yes he may not have been the most extrovert one and his counsel was strongly divided on what to do with the enlightenment but he was a ruler. Etc etc

    38. Karting Man

      In case you're interested, there is a 2-parts French film, "La Révolution Française" (Les années lumières & Les années terribles) in which you follow Georges Danton and another revolutionary, Camille Desmoulins, from the birth of the contestation until the final head-chopping of Robespierre. It might be available on Dailymotion and I always found it really entertaining.

    39. Mustafiz

      Peasants:*exist* Tax collector:Aaaaaand, you'll have to pay a tax for that!

    40. Polandball Films

      How many steps you walk everyday? 10,000 there’s a tax for that.

    41. Stefan

      Thank you for helping me pass my history class

    42. Alex

      when Lafayeytte was mentioned the only thing playing in my mind was "I'M TAKING THIS HORSE BY THE REINS MAKING REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOOD STAINS-"

    43. Daidalos Plush Mix 2019

      Anger often heats up into fury.

    44. Daidalos Plush Mix 2019

      I think that even the nobility deserved more than 1 vote (IE 2 votes.

    45. Ganesh Prajwal

      "We'll probably go find a different building that isn't locked" 🤣🤣🤣

    46. Lenoobfr64

      I am french and this is really accurate Bref, je suis francais

    47. Nicolas Wohrer

      Marie Antoinette never actually said "let them eat cake", or brioche

    48. Frutty

      My Head got chop chop chopped in 1875 in a diffrent universe And did you know tha-

    49. ItsUnpug

      This is HILARIOUS, thank you once again

    50. Kumquat the Rainwing

      Talk about a Nordic haircut

    51. tay tay

      1/7/2021 the parallels to the USA are A. disturbing and b. cathartic

    52. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

    53. Max

      0:50, how did the Emu from the Emu war end up as a meal? XD

    54. Matthew Mueller

      A peasant exists the French monarchy:there's a tax for that

    55. Maron Poon

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      i love this channel gosh

    57. Vijayalakshmi Puranik

      The national assembly was actually lead by Abbé Sieyès and Mirabeau

    58. Puzzled Mind

      Prince Louis Capet ? the name of the french royal familly and "de France" and the futur Louis XVI was only called by her crown prince title: the Dauphin, herited from the purchase of the Dauphiné...i pretty sure your not even know about what i talking since your know nothing about history. And at 1:50 is not even Louis XVI but his brother Louis XVIII which was restored after Napoleon's abdication...i can't go furer, it's unwatchable, like all your videos. Oversimplified ? indeed and full of innacurencies and fake facts, clearly made by an american for americans.

    59. Vanessa Perez

      🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷 Respect for Napoleon

      1. Vanessa Perez

        Borjor Napoleon

    60. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

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      The greatest oversimplified thing is " boink "

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      Hurry boys, chop chop 🪓

    63. Bastou_Chl

      Tax collector : « Do you wanna do a revolution ? » Peasant : « Yes » Tax collector : « Yeaaaah…. there’s gonna be a tax for that »

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      eat the king

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      oh noo

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      That is (besides part 2) undoubtedly your best video

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      Nice editing bro

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      France monarchy should’ve used NordVPN

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      No need for history class just need oversimplified

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      In NZ we can watch any movie from anywhere in the world Utan

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      Sooooo, nothing has changed much in today’s society.

    73. Virgil Sollozzo

      You keep showing a picture of Louis XVIII, who reigned after Napoleon.

    74. A Ghost.

      soooo there is an uncanny level of similarity between everything in this and modern issues.........

    75. Jude Brem

      12:29 I guess that history does repeat itself. First the French raided the Bastille, now the Trump supporters stormed the capital building on January 2021.

    76. Danone Amiss

      03:45 we still forget about that. Hell we shit on france all the time.

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      French :the most cultural nation in the world persia :am i a joke to you?

    79. cris dob

      Peasant: *[breathes]* Tax collectors: but wouldn’t there be A TAX FOR THAT?!!!!!!

    80. Marienka Homshaw

      Brilliant! Thanks so much for helping me understand so quickly.

    81. Sotirios Peithis

      The marquis de la Foofayette goes around I see

    82. Tuan Lungmuan Tonsing

      Happy French National Day!

    83. ColdOneK

      Vid: There's a tax for that... and that... and that... oh, oh yes, and for that. Me: Um... Vid: Labor tax. Me: Ummmm.... Vid: Very little, if any tax for the wealthy class. Me: ... Me: Are... are you describing the US on accident? I mean... if you oversimplify it just a "tiny" bit, the US is basically a two party oligarchy.(By "tiny", I mean it basically flat out is.)

    84. zinkerfall

      Who knew a person in a bath tub saying kill them all is very unnerving

    85. Limitess

      The virgin history books vs the chad fun oversimplified show

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      this is fire bro

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      0:23 actual french politicien

    88. Zlatan Bogdanovic

      Someone: Your mangesty, your people are starving, what will we to? Marie Anttonete: Let them eat cake. Kim Jon Un: Let ME eat cake.

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      This guy has disappeared This is a guy from a girl's place from here Guard you have to hold on 5:52

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    97. Ryan Jameson

      Top alternate history questions: -What if America never declared independence? -What if Germany won WWII? -What if the USSR and the USA went to war? -what if King Louis the XVI decided to do a sexy calendar shoot instead of taxing the poor?

    98. One D-L

      Can the next marie Antoinette character pin have the at-at hair style

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      I notice even the oversimplified French Revolution is two 20 minute videos...

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      Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering...