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    1. blood onyx Okami

      So, when alcohol became illegal, it was all women's fault

    2. Samuel Hutchinson

      Whiskey is Scottish so Washington basically gave his troops a drink from his enemy

    3. you're incredible

      Just found this chanel bingeing

    4. Clone Solar

      Wayne wheeler was born in 1869 Nice.

    5. Michael Broderick

      Hoover wasn’t president on Valentine’s Day 1929.

    6. bg se

      The closed author ethnically present because farmer desirably support following a makeshift deodorant. delicate, screeching support

    7. Tyron Megawatts

      It’s harder to get a drink now than during prohibition.

    8. plexussacralis

      Moral of this: women ruin everything...

    9. Andruw Melanson

      The french guy in the beginning said no its tragic

    10. Music Central

      Most American thing I can think of Guns.

    11. Matthew Oliver

      A toast to women 🍾

    12. Luke Charters

      I found wheres wally, xD

    13. William Weaver

      Hoover didn't become President until over a month after the St Valentine's Day Massacre

    14. FrizzyP1

      31:40 Where's wallie lol

    15. TheNewHeroOfTime

      To Alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all life’s problems

    16. DJ Alexx

      This. Was. Awesome 👌

    17. Anson Hung

      Wayne Wheeler: DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL. Americans: YEAH RIGHT

    18. Narendra Prasath

      8:38 That's called real.

    19. Corbin _

      A conspiracy theorist could argue that the Prohibition Act went into effect with the future plan of enacting the Income Tax to compensate for it - while also knowing that Prohobition would be abolished yet alcohol would still be heavily taxed. In effect, two taxes were created and no one noticed because they were too drunk to care. *edit* Also, that same theory could include the Great Depression. With many assets and money being seized from the citizens, it was an all around win-win for the government. All the personal assets regained for pennies on the dollar and two new taxes created!

    20. Treniks

      I feel like people are animals but a lil bit smarter.

    21. Teio Tapera

      Learning about history has never been so entertaining

    22. Um Bongo

      Prohibition on alcohol has gone. Many prohibitions remain

    23. Wasu Pakruandee


    24. Abhishek Raj

      I laughed so hard when you said that doctors basically became bartenders.

    25. Aidan YT

      15:35 that guy next to Wayne wheeler looks like he has a halo

    26. Pizza_ delivery

      4:33 Oga oga oga oga

    27. Hoang Duc Hai

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    28. That Guy

      31:38 Waldo top right

    29. Chris K

      The epidemy of "task failed successfully"

    30. Joseph Keller

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    31. Erick Moya

      Funny how many people we have to kill in order to improve

    32. salvation_of_the_E


    33. shawn kelly

      hey bro can you do a video on ,the punic wars between rome and carthage

    34. Iron Head

      My family was bootleggers during the prohibition. One of them got into a shoot-out with prohibition officers while in a car and was shot in the chest point blank with a shotgun. At the time he was a wanted criminal in the Appalachian mountains, by the FBI. His mother told the government he was killed and that she buried him. FBI was informed but they thought he was faking his death. I guess the prohibition officers did not know who he was. So they went and dug up his dead body for confirmation. I know the story sounds crazy and some details might be a little off but that's basically what happened.

    35. JIANNI

      Imagine having a hangover and you go to your doctor and they prescribe you with something stronger

    36. Brainiac

      6:20 funniest part lol

    37. Precious Reyes

      6:38 Omg dude

    38. Precious Reyes

      24:18 WTF MAN ahhahahahahahahahha

    39. Teragram38 Crows

      Funny fact: Carrie Nation didn't use a hatchet until her husband made a joke about it. After smashing a few saloons with just rocks, Mr. Nation jokingly told his wife she should use a hatchet to do maximum damage to the places. And Carrie told him, "That is the most sensible thing you have said since I married you."

      1. Betty Unicorn

        Oh hell

    40. Ellie-Rose Stein

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    41. Just Here For The Videos

      Even the politicians that liked alcohol pretended to be against it .......... oh u mean like drugs now? So many on person while the people that put them there sniffs their pay cheque up their noses

    42. Kumquat the Rainwing

      I like how the bootleggers have fedoras

    43. XGav1natorx


    44. mircea pascu

      We are alll doomed .

    45. Nets Tomb

      I think alcohol was created by the Arabs

    46. Shefts

      4:35 THE BUCKET

    47. Garrett's Corner


    48. Catfish🐟

      Poland: Lol noobs

    49. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

      But why he was arrested for stealing alcohol from himself Remus is so dumb but has big brain even though he is so dumb

    50. TheNoobThinking

      Oversimplified: Users that used honey already made 247,000 Dollars! Me already know it's enough to buy a Lamborghini Urus: WATCH OUT LADIES

    51. Sneaky Snake

      Just make non-alcoholic beer

    52. Alicia Adams

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    53. Mey Miler

      Barış Özcan'dan geldik. Sufi Özcan gönderdi bizi.

    54. Guinea's Galaxy

      Alternate title: The American drunken revolution

    55. Mr TeddyBearBoss

      "Hey what's this in the bathtub?" "That's bath water." "Why does it taste like alcohol?" "Uh, here's a better question, why are you tasting my bath water?"

    56. Marty.M293

      What is most american thing you can think of? Alcohol! Eastern Europe: Ok...let me stop you right here.

    57. Akmal Dewatmoko

      5:22 Karen original

    58. Smokey420Greenleaf

      love how this channel goes out of its way to insult it's subscribers constantly then has the nerve to ask for donations afterward. not the greatest business model ever.

    59. Jeb Broham

      The Texas county I grew up in only just went wet in the last few years, 2017 to be exact. It had been a dry country since 1920.

    60. Lelo Stimulous

      Get off my ass for drinkin ya nag.

    61. Vinícius Menezes

      what I learned with this? the women free opinion was an error from the modern democracy

    62. Cassie N


    63. Snehil Singh

      Frankly not forcing morals related to better habits has only deteriorated things

    64. Lukiiman

      "Women" TommyInnit: 👁👄👁

    65. Mango Productions


    66. GodTurtle6

      24:41 history DOES repeat itself

      1. Lelo Stimulous

        Chi-town shithole. Nothing changes in Chiraq!


      I have never enjoyed history so much

    68. livingood1049

      I'm a dumb stinky idiot,,, doomed.. DOOMED!!!

    69. chaotixninja5

      Oversimplified: "What’s the most American thing you can think of?" Me: "Hard to say since America is made up of a bunch of other cultures mixed together overtime."

    70. LordAnime

      Fun fact, parts of america still ban alcohol

    71. Charlie Miller

      Do the Spanish American war please

    72. Jordan Peterson

      Every time OverSimplified makes a news paper I have to stop the video and read all of the filler text

    73. XxNinjä101xX

      Fun fact: this is the #1 reason why alcohol is a problem to all 50 states

    74. Jade D

      Fun drinking game. Everytime you see a drunk person in the video you take a shot. You'll be drunk by the 2nd minute I promise you

    75. RedBot_1

      “Holy heckin’ balls!” -Oversimplified, 2021

    76. hayden qi

      11:15 nobody noticed he said "ten thousands" but the number in the text was 1000s.

    77. Oliver

      i watched this

    78. Aika Aoki

      I don't get the download a car joke

    79. Mr. G's Gaming

      U shood do the Mexican-American war next

      1. gaming guy

        Wwwwoooooaaaaaahhhhhhh look at you crazy talk

    80. kamui Cage

      Michigan Mother low level moon shining gets life in prison Former lawyer sets up major bootlegging operation from multiple fake companies with liquor he scammed out of the government gets only 2 years gets out kills his wife and gets no prison time our justice system as always sucked

    81. Scott Dalpe

      I can attest to the fact that all bad ideas begin in Ohio.

    82. Vayun Yadav

      History at school -: *waking up from sleep* Wha-What are we studying again??????? HIstroy from Oversimplified-: Whens the next vid coming, u top all ur exams just by watching oversimplified, one series of vids on the same topic give more information to u than u ever learn in school Which is better?

    83. Mr Boosh Kebab

      31:37 try to find wally

    84. Harry King

      Don't call me FAT SUSAN 🤣

    85. Derick Cheeks

      😂😂😂 hey I would like to join the purple gang😂😅🤣

    86. Da Apple

      Alice the girl near a water fountain:it's called water. Men nearby:What's water?

    87. Goat

      Carrie the karen

    88. Sophia Ibarra

      I live in chicago and love it :)

    89. HGmatrix


    90. Laquisha Gary

      I think American is due for another prohibition…. Just saying.

    91. daggubati lakshmi narayana

      I love my whiskey

    92. Farzan Munshi

      26:17 anyone else see a familiar bucket?

    93. rich ri

      The dear flock cephalometrically collect because family inherently match midst a unsightly turn. fast, humdrum daisy

    94. Baron William

      Carrie Nation carried the nation by smashing

    95. sasino148

      6:00 i didn't need to see that

    96. Eleanor Ligon

      It says something about a law when one of the states against prohibition was Utah.

    97. Sswifty

      Lol I just rewatched this video and he said let’s think back to 2005 *me just being born in 2005*

    98. WereBlastingOffAgain

      "Now release the lions" *An American Ceasar*