Hitler - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. OverSimplified

      Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Just wanted to give this a little more visibility: I'm getting a lot of comments asking me to not take 5 months to make videos, and quite frankly, I agree! I would LOVE to be able to make these on a more regular basis, but the problem is that I gotta eat meaning I gotta get paid meaning I gotta spend time doing things other than OverSimplified. In addition, it seems that these new videos aren't getting many ads on them, probably because they're about Nazis and PLshows's new advertiser-friendly rules are shockingly not keen on Nazis. The revenue reports are coming in and let's just say I'm a lot like Alois at the start of this video; not really rolling in cash (but unlike Alois I'm also not really rolling in women), which is a bit disappointing after months of work (especially the no women part). So if you'd like to see more OverSimplified on a more regular basis, please consider supporting me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/OverSimple Whatever the case, I'll be getting WW2 out as soon as I physically can! Thanks again for all the support!

      1. Sergio Gonzalez

        I want to see more haha i love this videos

      2. Make America Based Again

        Come on, Stalin was way worse than Hitler. Stalin genocided the middle class. “Dekulakization”… Of his own people, no less. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Ill, come on…. But no, “Hitler” is worse than all of them combined, right? Because a certain 6 million lives are more valuable than *60* million lives… I thought all millions of lives mattered.

      3. The Bugbear

        I literally needed a vpn to watch this in England lol

      4. Tanakritgutz Lapcharoen

        dont stop i dont care how long it takes i still enjoy your vids keep going your doing great!

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      I am on Vaccation in Spain (I am german) so i can watch XD

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      “And he liked gathering them to play war games” Well that a hobby that never ended…

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        Ya...we can see how turned out..

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      hitler oversimplified is banned in most countries this enraged over simplified who punished youtube severly

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      Legend says his father is still beating him in heaven

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      Dang imagine if Alois didn’t change his name Hitler would be know one a first name basis

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      I had to change my location to Belarus just to watch this

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      I wonder what happened to the 14 year old brother that ran away

    22. DiamondMaker1384

      Everybody: "This angered Adolf's father, who punished him severely" *Sad Alois Jr. Noises* Hadn't Alois Jr. ran off, Adolf wouldn't have enraged his father all those times who punished him severely.

    23. Colmecti

      Imagine being that one guy who almost killed hitler

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      hitlers dad is from alabama

    26. Slothii

      Just remember, when you play as a German in battlefield 1, you could be playing as hitler and not even know it

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    28. Alexander Godfrey

      My dad loved reading about World War II. He had a few books about Hitler too. One had the picture as him as a baby on the back cover. Knowing what he would become, the picture is eerie.

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      What this song ?? 3:14

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        Rick astley: Never gonna give you up

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      Ill never have friendship and brotherhood. Smh. Just one person. Thats too much to ask. Damnit anyway maybe next life..

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      So if Hitler’s brother has not died then he would no try to take over the work and then Japan would take China with out the allies stopping them making anime a much bigger thing and everyone would like it. Never been so happy for someone’s brother the die.

    60. B. Baggins

      Hitlers mother was a maid to the house of a Jew, who impregnated her. This makes Hitler half Jewish.

    61. Ultima Gamer

      2:54 to be fair he did become a big balls public official… Just not the good kind

    62. Spider Lucifer

      Here is an even more oversimplified version of Hitler Art school: no you are rejected Hitler: genocide then Art school: wait what Hitler: I mean make Germany great again, hehehe Art school: *sweating intensifies*

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      I just realized that Hitler was an in bred person. Now it makes sense

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      I know he grew up to be an awful awful person, but I feel kind of bad for him as a kid. Nobody deserves that life, sounds like it sucked.

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      Jews are a lesser race

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      Moral of the story. Severe punishment doesn’t work

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