The French Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)


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    1. OverSimplified

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      1. Procrastinating cartoons TM

        Here before 500 comments

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      3. Vish the Fish


      4. Twice

        you have god given talent in laughter, and teaching

    2. 乂Ꭰᥲʀκ͢❥Ӄᴎ͟͞ɪ͟͞ԍ͟͞ʜ͟͞ᴛ]乂

      Every 100 seconds in France, a minute passes

    3. Reruntal

      Ro B. Is the real life equivalent of light Kira besides the notebook and the fact that it’s real life

    4. davicho


    5. Δημήτρης Μπουλουμπασης

      Your video was trash, Robespierre was a hero of the working class

    6. Aldrin Galdo

      he's an average height for the time 10:46

    7. JIANNI

      Now I want ice cream

    8. Candy Daisy Dunlopa

      I love how nothing was said about the children :p

    9. GringoStarr94

      Did I just witness TWO Final Fantasy VII references in a video about the French Revolution??

    10. Dori

      Joseph Guillotin *

    11. Louie James M.

      Man it took me forever to notice the reference at 13:50

    12. Gonzalo Alberti

      Sub español please 🙏

    13. Blin11k

      Yippee Ka Ye



    15. vladboss

      Can u do the vietnam war next

    16. Error Schnansch

      Marie Antoinette with her AT-ST at her head xD

    17. Devan Woodruff

      I love how you put an AT-AT on Marie Antoinette's head 🤣

    18. Aflah Syazani

      10:22 hoot, hoot

    19. Ayushi


    20. Sutanmudo 3

      watching this video makes me remember old days playing Assasin creed Unity

    21. CapitanPizza338

      15:46 atat hair

    22. Scotandia Mapping

      Just want to point out that jacobin and jacobite aren't the same thing. Jacobin's are the group here whereas jacobite us a collective term for the Scottish rebellions in the short time after Scotland and England were merged. Also don't kick yourself if you got confused. I'm Scottish and even I got them mixed up for a second.

    23. Yeah well,that's just, like, your opinion, man

      Sooooo both the nobles and the revolutionaries were awful people. Oh and the revolutionaries killed more revolutionaries AND poor people than the nobles / monarchy? Insane stuff. Also, that Marat guy... The original INCEL, basement dwelling troll, lol.

    24. Elaina Ferko

      Why does Robespierre have a buster sword and why are the materia slots empty?!

    25. Neal Schultz

      Seems like the Biden administration is re-=creating Robespierre's Reign of Terror.

    26. Nicholas K

      In my opinion France was doing a good thing and the fight with Napolèon against Europe. Because all of this wasn't about them. It was about the future which now our world is a complete disaster. If being brutal and making heavy choices is the choise for the people to be good than the choise is obvious we have to do what needs to be done to do what is right. That's why I wished Napolèon succeded.

    27. Marcus

      My family was apart of the revolution he was rhe prosecutor and two of the people he prosecuted where Charlotte corday and Marie Antoinette

    28. The Bleck Penther

      When he forgot everything and she said FOR YEARS i don't think years is the right word

    29. Vivian Bayto

      2 sponsors

    30. Tyler S.

      Hoot, hoot 🤣🤣

    31. Phat Gus

      10:16 I’m dying lol 😂


      When you know that we had 5 different republics that's when you understand we're fucking mad

    33. Parv

      This is a chapter in my 9th class book.

    34. Momo Kawashima

      To think even the french tried leftism/communism and failed

      1. AXE ACE 69 I

        The French revolution destroyed feudalism, n inspired revolutionaries around the world, it was no failure.

    35. Archie long

      So where does Les Misserables fit into all of this ?

    36. Guestyy

      I feel bad for danton

    37. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

    38. Shraddha

      Thank you so much! For someone who hates history, this was interesting ngl

    39. Beaver Person

      9:26 France sus

    40. Ahmed Elmokaly

      This is somehow still less over simplified than my 9th grade history class

    41. Brennen Toquam

      Crazy how a small group of radicals can take over. What's even more scary is I was not taught anything about this in high school.

    42. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

    43. Mayukh Mitra

      Fun fact: Emmanuel Joseph Siyes both Made 3rd Estate agree to form the National Assembly and helped Napoleon with his coup. So, he both begun and ended the revolution.

    44. a

      Marat vs. Charlotte Corday: Kira vs. N but French

    45. Ceimnithe

      I’m surprised they didn’t mention what the people did to Marie’s children.

    46. SpideySilent

      Where is the patriotic fat reducing press?!? >:(

    47. Erill Alvarez

      The Obi wan of the 1700s= Murat

    48. Legacy Lord57

      10:40 Napoleon

    49. EwokAwesome

      the AT-AT on Mary antionette's head (15:41) :)

    50. Munchee6806

      everyone always says how bad Napoleon was but i find my i-forgot-how-many-greats Grandfather a hero

    51. tajniak4

      Revolutionaries: form an angry mob, storm the King's house, kill a few people, threaten to kill the King's wife; keep the King prisoner and humiliate him for three years. King Louis: tries to escape Revolutionaries: whaaaaa....!? Traitor!

    52. Maria Ochenas

      Charlotte is hands down badass

    53. Slavko

      if you hate Robespierre just know his death was very painful he tried to kill himself and failed they saved his life and he now had a bandage around his mouth where the bullet went out and apparently the guards kept ripping it off and putting it back on before his execution

    54. Martin Jose

      Le hooray

    55. Eduardo Carrera Bacaicoa

      Most of the troops in Toulon were Spaniards 10:31

    56. Ced Trash

      The ajar confirmation spontaneously flow because bengal culturally trap like a hanging microwave. spiritual, able anger

    57. Dhanasri Vittamaina


    58. Pinguofthehill

      so I did a bit of math, and also if maybe it is not accurate because im not good at math, the number of people they sent to the guillotine during the Jacobine terror was about 69 persons every day

      1. Pinguofthehill

        @Nina Writes yeah, like, imagine living in those times, insane

      2. Nina Writes

        O M G that’s crazy

    59. Suman Rai

      The "hoot hoot hoot hoot" at the time of charging got me 😂😂😭😭 10:25

    60. guillaumeduch

      This video is really well made however most of it is misinformation. It is heavily based on myths created by Robespierre's political enemies (e.g. Barère and Tallien)in order to shit on the man and save their own asses in the post- révolution France. I mean, this version is still taugh in french History class to this day but its heavily criticized by most researcher. See Robespierre, portraits croisés by Bourdin and Biard for more information, its a really good book.

      1. AXE ACE 69 I

        Yeh, Robespierre was the voice of oppressed n the poor, he later lost control somewhat n he was tried bc he said that he was going to his own ppl but didn't tell names so they feared n executed him It's shocking that some ppl have sympathy for the Queen.

    61. Haslem Da carter

      To the guillotine

    62. Samo Gucký

      anyone having problems with subtitles too?

    63. cloneton

      But Oversimplified, the French citizens didn’t behead the king and queen, the Vikings did!

    64. Shambhavi Vlogs

      Me watching this for 10000th time like 🙀🥴😳

    65. DesiredTreasure

      City Rebelling in 3 turns...

    66. Luka 2000

      13:09 the real last Jedi

    67. Matthieu Guilbert

      How do always get sponsors

    68. Rong Gu

      Marie antoniette has an ATAT on her hair

    69. John Marat

      Anyone wanna guess my middle

    70. newenglandsun

      I broke out in laughter when Robespierre was executed.

      1. newenglandsun

        Revolutionary ideas arise from certain circumstances but as was explained in the video, there were many Frenchmen who just wanted the King to be more kingly but didn't want revolution. Revolutions are about ideas of change that this will bring about better results than the previous system. And they routinely lead to greater oppression whether temporary or long-term.

      2. AXE ACE 69 I

        Revolution doesn't happen bc just some ideas, it's the inevitable result of oppression n poverty.

      3. newenglandsun

        Even the moderates seem extreme. Damn, revolutionary ideas are toxic.

    71. Muhammad Shehreyar Khan

      19:13 Corrupt politicians replaced royals but the plight of the commoners remined the same.

    72. Hung Lam

      16:03 what is that country with horse flag??

    73. Barry Soetorro

      15:35 Ha! Her hair is a walker from star wars!

    74. Awesome person Videos

      Old script: I didn't lose I just failed to win! New script: I have found an alternate way to win! Like if you agree

    75. R van bergen

      So, what did we learn from all of this?


      ご了承下さい。옮 아 오늘 진짜 춥다 진짜 너무 좋아 이제

    77. Liam Basinger

      robespierre was 5'3

    78. GetAss

      Jacobins. Better known as "how to make a case for why poor people shouldn't have rights."

    79. joja roka

      10:26, is the funniest thing ive ever seen/heard.

    80. Jar ✪

      Mr rocket man here is trying to be nepolion.pls stop him

    81. Cooper Sparta

      Why did merrie o tu net have a at-at on her head

    82. ThrillerKillerX

      This is liberal washed

      1. AXE ACE 69 I

        The revolution destroyed feudalism, Major changes cannot happen without a revolution, Slavery didn't end peaceful but after a bloody Civil War.

      2. GetAss

        @Void Phenomenon I can see where he's coming from. I see why Oversimplified didn't include many of the uglier details about the French revolution but Lious XVII should've been mentioned considering he was the king of France and son of Lious XVI so he may just have wanted to not make the French revolution look that bad.

      3. Void Phenomenon

        What are you on about?

    83. _HUNTER_

      Robspiere is the grandfather of modern day american liberals

    84. _HUNTER_

      Bathtub dude is the grandfather of modern day keyboard warriors ..

    85. France

      Dude Uncool


      nord vpn got any naruto

    87. Muhammad Reigi


    88. donald trump

      Robespierre: To the guillotine! Tax Collector: There's gonna be a tax for that.

      1. Steampunk Astronaut

        ***angrily grabs tax collector and forces him into the guillotine***

      2. DLS (Roblox)

        Robespierre: OoOoOoOoh NoOoOoOoo

    89. Viking Adventurer

      12 again at the council sound's like a religious system creeping in

    90. Umesh Sagar✅

      My school teachers couldn't teach me this but these cartoons did. Great video.

    91. Scarecrow

      Robespierre sounds like the first incel and Marat the first keyboard warrior

    92. Game Player

      21:05 he forgot to add a government member up in the crowd lol

    93. Ennio De Nil

      I had to watch this 4 times before noticing the Star Wars reference -.-‘

      1. Crilbus BowlingFaggot

        Wait where

    94. Pure Bliss

      This video's great, glad I found it!

    95. Axan50 Transport Productions

      *"To the Guillotine" intensifies*

    96. Jhonny Szukala

      Hmmm un cool

    97. Ashi Parmar

      i just like how smoothly they show sponsors

    98. A random crusader on jerusalem

      You should create a story with all the favorite lines like to the guillotine hoot hoot dude, uncool We are not poo poo heads! oh noooooooo stamp... Theres gonna be a tax for that I WAS AVERAGE HEIGHT AT THE TIME *cries* (ill edit this when i find more)

    99. KnightKing Senpai!


    100. Digit Toll

      10:20 Just keeping this here