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    1. Alexi

      Bro you should do the Russian Civil war

    2. Eeveefor smashbros

      "This is a bucket" "Dear God"

    3. ELane Rissler

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    4. Mardal Sow

      500 casualties? A small price for bucket

    5. John Titor

      This was wonderfully portrayed in Avatar The Last Airbender. That's pretty bad ass. The mind control the Earth Kingdom used were historic Nazi recruiting tactics.

    6. Thomas Gustav Franc

      If you try to stop me I will depose you and pick someone els- OH NO IVE CONTRACTED TUBERCULOSIS

    7. Jacob Lim

      I am starting to think that there are more wars than my megabites

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      7:39 I'm famous

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      Henry IV looks kinda like Jesus ngl

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      1. taha mehdi

        Legends say the bucket god asks for 1000 sacrifices a month ummm... Sorry onka onka onka onka onka onka onka

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    13. Lauren Bonner

      Fan: I mean, I get why you all ship (insert popular pairing), but I prefer (insert less popular pairing). Toxic fans: 4:07

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      Dude do something on Greek stuff

    16. No YeLLInG On THE BuS

      This is literally the definition of "This, is a bucket." "Dear god." "There is more."

    17. Frosty the IceWing

      TMI lol

    18. فهد المطيرى

      War 3

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      Who else wants a pewdiepie vs T-series oversimplified

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      Is it just me or does that one pope look alot like Marie Antoinette

    21. Weird Pro

      eastern roman empire is ortodox and they dont have pope.

    22. sebastian carvajal

      If those guys are going to war over a bucket the really just dumb idiots because it's just a bucket and isn't there like a better way to get water out of a well during those years like they literally just idiots I don't know why you'd go to war over a bucket

    23. Tom Wayne

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      1. Abe Kebal

        Who r u, google? Amazon? SpaceX? Spethen Hawkin?

    24. Crystal Clear

      Who gives a fuck about some plague that’s gonna wipe out half of Europe? We’ve got a bucket for the city well, alright!

    25. Roberto Helder Onetti

      So Good

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      10:30 is best scene

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      I'll add honey if they stop advertising on every channel I watch. Will that satisfy you honey? WILL IT?


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      Me (Reading history book) :- This stuff is so freakin boring.. Me (Watching Oversimplified) :- One day i will become a big balls tough historian.. 😂😂😂😂

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      Hey you yeah YOU

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      "All dreams have a meaning" My dreams: 10:31

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      Did that jerk seriously just badmouth the bucket?!?!

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      14:45 - Wow, that is seriously the best way to promote your videos....

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      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

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        Ew no

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      That's why I hate catholic

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        @Oskthemosk ok trying hard on one knows you

      2. Aries Hipolito

        @Oskthemosk it's my own life my own faith don't dictate my life we have our own opinion you are more illiterate dictating to somebody who's the god you don't even know very brainless man

      3. Oskthemosk

        @Aries Hipolito no you cause you don’t spell correctly Not gonna argue with someone who calls themselves the god of war when they could easily die in any moment cheers ✌🏽 You illiterate

      4. Aries Hipolito

        @Oskthemosk what's youre care anybody had own opinion and beliefs don't guess a man's knowledge just because he doesn't believe on other teachings you the who is illiterate

      5. Oskthemosk

        Imagine calling ur self Aries And go back to school u Illiterate

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      What the hell is hapoening to past churches i thought it was to spread the word of god not to spread authority and money

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      In history we had Kings vs Pope trying to decide who controls the Church, Today we have Trump vs Twitter trying to decide who controls the news 🤦🏾

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      “We’ve got a new bucket” There’s a tax for that

    77. Rayzersword

      John XII actually became Pope in his late teens or early twenties and died when he was 34 at the oldest, he probably wasn't that bald. XD

    78. Afro

      Covid 18

    79. Alex Ritchie

      The Papal Dark Age is also known as The Pornocracy :p

    80. Sashenka Dumerve

      As a Catholic, I am getting so annoyed at the corruption right now 😩

      1. Oskthemosk

        Same :(

    81. Rong Gu

      The bucket war was longer than the hastings battle?!

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      our history teacher put this video on during the lesson. she's amazing

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