The War that Changed the English Language - Mini-Wars #3


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      Famous Famous examples of Norman surnames: -DISNEY => derived from a Norman family called D'ISIGNY from the village of ISIGNY in Normandy . -CHURCHILL=>derived from the Norman name COURCELLE, later confused with the English words "church", and "hill". -CUSACK: from the town CUSSAC in South west France (Aquitaine) -KEYNES: Alteration the placename Kahaines or Kahaignae (the village is now called Cahagnes) in Normandy -BRUCE: comes from the French ‘de Brus’ or ‘de Bruis’, derived from the village that is now Brix in Normandy, where the first Robert de Brus is thought to have originated from. -IRONS: derived from the town AIRAINES in northern France (Picardy). -CHENEY: derived from the Old French chesne, chesnai (modern French: chêne), "oak tree". may be derived from any of the places named with the Old French "chesnai - LACEY: derived from te village LASSY in Nomandy -GAYLORD: Derived from the Old French surname Gaillard (Strong) -MORTIMER: derived from the village of MORTEMER in Normandy -DORSEY: from the Norman familiy name D'ORSAY meaning "from the town of ORSAY" in Normandy -PURCELL: from Old French pourcel 'piglet' -BOSWELL: named after the village BEUZEVILLE in Normandy - REDMOND: derived from the Old French forenames Raimund and Raimond. -MONTGOMERY : derived from SAINT GERMAIN DE MONTGOMMERY in Normandy. -SEYMOUR: from a town in Normandy, SAINT-MAUR -CHURCHILL=>derived from the Norman name COURCELLE, later confused with the English words "church", and "hill". -FITZGERALD, means in Old French "son of Gerald". -PERCY: , derives from the village of Percy-en-Auge in Normandy. -JOYCE: derived from the Old French Masculine name Josse -HEWLETT==> from the Old French Hughelot. a diminutive of the name Hugh -TAYLOR==> derived from the Old French tailleur ("cutter") -SINCLAIR: from the village Saint-Clair (sur-l'Elle) in Normandy -HAMILL=> derived from the town HENNEVILLE in Normandy -MALLORY: From an Anglo-Norman nickname for an unfortunate person, from Old French maleure, malheure (“unhappy, unlucky”) -LAMAR: From a placename in Normandy, which was derived from Old French la mare (“the pool”). -NUGENT: from any of the several places in Northern France, called NOGENT -from the Gaulish word “Novios” meaning new, or “New town’ LOVETT: from Anglo-Norman French "lo(u)vet" meaning "wolf cub" or "young wolf" -BUTLER: from Old French buttiler, boteillier (“officer in charge of wine”) -DARELL: derived from d'AIREL, name of a Norman family that came from a place called AIRELLE in Normandy. -BARRET: from the old French male given name BARAUD -TYRELL: derived from the Old French word tirer, which means to draw. -BASKERVILLE: derived from the village Bacqueville in Normandy, -CAGE: from the Old French word cage, orcagier, meaning an enclosure -D'ARCY: from the town Bois d'Arcis near Paris -FRASER: originally derives from the French fraise, meaning strawberry. -VERNON: from the town VERNON in Normandy. derived from the Gaulish word vern for Alder tree (also springlike, flourishing, or full of life), a "place of alders" -NEVILLE: Old French Neville "Néel's estate" or Neuville "new settlement". -PAINE: comes from the Old French "paien" originally meaning "a villager or rustic", and later a heathen. -CHAMBERLAIN: from Old French chambrelain, Norman French cambrelanc, cambrelen(c) ‘chamberlain’. This was the name of an official in charge of the private chambers of his master. -HUSSEY: derived from the town HOUSSAYE in Normandy -CAMPION: name for a professional Champion, deriving from the Old Norman-French "campiun" or "campion" -MELVILLE: from Malleville in Normandy. -BELLAMY: from beu or bel (good, fair, handsome) and ami (friend). -COURTNEY/COURTENAY: from places called COURTENEY in North west France or from a nickname for a person who had a snub nose, from the Old French "court, curt", short, with "nes", nose. -CURTIS: from Old French corteis and curteis (Modern French courtois (“polite”)), meaning courteous. -WARREN: from a place La Varenne "the game park" in Normandy -QUINCY: , from places name QUINCEY in France -RUSSEL: means "the son of Red", from the Old French "Rous", red, a nickname for someone with red hair, and "-el", little. -SPENCER: from Old French " espenser, -ier "- dispenser of money, provisions -TRAVIS: from the French "traverser" or "to cross" meaning "to cross over," -DELANEY: Old French del aunaie "from the alder grove".

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      Can you make more videos pls

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      u.s presidents video @

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      1. Vicente Medina

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      I feel like all the birds singing slowly spell out the Rickroll. Check out the beginning of the Three Kingdoms war where they sing “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.” in Chinese.

    89. Jim Wolaver

      A very entertaining series of videos that help put history in context and thereby make it meaningful! Keep it up! Just one thing: At 11:12, the word is Romanicized, NOT romanticized. The English language was made more Roman in character rather than being made more about amorous relationships. It's a common error; we hear about romantic (with a "t") stuff all the time, but fail to consider how much of western civilization originated in Romanic (without a "t") culture. This misunderstanding is why most spell check libraries don't recognize words based on the root "Romanic." Rest assured, English is a Romanic language, not a romantic one! Languages are not inherently romantic; the thoughts expressed certainly can be. Hope this helps!

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      11:14 the letter on the right doesn't turn into D. It makes a "TH" sound as well. The one on the left is used to start words like "then", the one on the right is at the end of syllables like "with". Some people still transliterate it like that but it isn't correct. Watch Jackson Crawford for more info.

    99. Blalack77

      Man.. This is one of my favorite eras of history. It still gets sort of confusing trying to figure out when England was Saxon versus when it was Viking, which kings belonged to which families/ethnicities, etc. The Romans conquer the Britons then leave, the Saxons Conquer the Britons, the Vikings conquer the Saxons and vice versa, French Vikings defeat the Saxons, then everyone mixes together... It doesn't seem like there's really a lot of difference - weren't Saxons basically Vikings in the beginning anyway? Their culture, traditions, language and weapons all seem pretty similar... Weren't the Saxons and Vikings able to communicate because their languages were so similar? Seems like I've read that before... But it's just crazy to think how England of all places was conquered back and forth and how much that changed history, what things would have been like otherwise, etc. There's just something about this era and I can't put my finger on it...

      1. Cleveland

        Its fair to say that the English has some experience in colonisation before they tried their hand at it.