WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. JameezPlays

      Or as a wise man once said: "Germanys back, featuring Angry Mustache Man. And hes mad at the Jews for existing. The empire of Japan gets excited and rapes Nanking WAY too hard. They should probably just deny it. Hitlers out of control, so the international community tackles him and tries to explain why killing the Jews is a bad idea, but he kills themself before they could. That's world war 2... BONUS ROUND! Epic Showdown! United States vs. JAPAN! FIGHT! US Weapon select: Extinction Ball *EXPLOSION* Finish him! *EXPLOSION*"

    2. YodaZen

      That is not the german flag? It's the flag of Iraq?!?! 03:18


      World wars in 1 word: Germany

    4. Alexp373

      one little point in the video he got wrong hitter didn't want to invade Britain cause their navy would destroy germany before they could get across the channel he just wanted to demoralize them into surrender

    5. ID Dixit

      2:35 Bald Mussolini

    6. ID Dixit

      1:20 Benito Mussolini

    7. Landad

      Can't wait for the WW3 oversimplified

    8. Elias Harris

      Actually, Mussolini didn't create fascism. That person's name was Giovanni Gentile.

    9. Rick O.

      Hitler was originally from Austria, not Germany. Great stuff anyway :)

    10. B S

      2:13 oversimplified with the "sir this is a wendy's" reference ftw

    11. Gaming with DHRUV

      And then he got arrested

    12. deli kanarya

      And now they had to put theyre foot- French dictator:puts foot down on table

    13. Irma Curthffhftggg

      The laughable jumbo relatively destroy because society jointly suggest from a longing reward. hilarious, grandiose cymbal

    14. Arvind Ramanujam

      When nuclear deterrence doesn't work, a powerful country, organization, autocrat etc. may resort to the threat of start of World War 3 as a deterrence. This must be analyzed extremely carefully with 0% error-margin to check whether this is true or is a tactic to continue the harassment. In the extreme of the extreme case and after thorough self-reflection on the absence of criminality in one's own, there must be no hesitation to intimate a retaliation in spite of the risk of the start of World War 3 and if still unheeded, no hesitation to start World War 3.

    15. Luffykun298

      If my history teacher like this i would love history

    16. Joky Yoky

      Imagine an Italian Teacher becomes a Dictator of Italy..

    17. Dadu Kalomobile

      This explains everything

    18. pbuenrostro11


    19. Khudair Bomber

      Imagine if hitler had kept his focus on the R.A.F bases

      1. Jason Taylor

        Hitler could not find any RAF bases they were well hidden. Especially when the German air force did there bombing runs at night.

    20. JJ14

      Oversimplified is the best history channel.

    21. The Ethiopian Empire

      *France falls* Napoleon in Heaven or Hell:ARE YOU KIDDING ME THIS IS THE COUNTRY I LEAD!?

    22. The Ethiopian Empire

      And Ethiopia got alot of guns and planes from Britain and france

    23. The Ethiopian Empire

      Uh Italy only beat Ethiopia because they used chemicals not like a massive army

    24. Vegeta Sama

      Appreciate the graphics man keep it up lol

    25. realadrieno

      ppl who learned more in history class than oversimplified 🤡🤡🤡

    26. R1xyHD


    27. John Ozz

      Why does Hitler have the Belgian flag all over his room?

    28. World war 2

      ( just a ww2 fact ) during ww2 it was extremely hard for the Japan kamikazes to destroy British ships even the most deadly kamikazes this was because of the armor and the British didn’t have the same weak spots that the Japanese were trying to hit Another fact durning ww2 the British fired on the French battle ships I don’t know why if you do please leave it underneath and if I’m wrong please correct me

      1. Veritates Educational

        Because France was taken by Hitler?

    29. William Lister

      Imagine if you had Mussolini as a teacher, and when he rose to power, you were like, ‘he used to be my teacher.’

    30. UmerPlaysFN

      best channel on youtube

    31. Schalke is beste

      3:54 the colours are belgium

    32. profile picture rater

      In WWI, France humiliated the germans by putting all the Generals, Captains, every high-rank on a train and making them sign an embarrassing peace agreement. When France was defeated in WWII, Hitler found the same train, put the France high-ranks in it and made them GO TO FRANCE with that train. Then Hitler burned the train

    33. ✴ YUSİF  ✴


    34. Trisha Agz

      I remember watching this years ago, and the main thing I remembered was some animation involving Hitler and poop

    35. frank lundi

      The capricious chord specially deserve because segment antenatally guard circa a relieved handsaw. disillusioned, chivalrous barbara

    36. Reve Cosse


    37. The gaming challenge

      maybe stage by the japenses

    38. Bernt A.Á Skrede • 50 years ago

      I seriously think he should remaster this!

    39. ray wehrmeister

      Napoleon vs hitler, I’m imagining that

    40. John Augustine Buffa

      When Italy is shown with arms and legs it looks like weird lanky guy

    41. Grass Block

      I'm italian,I'll say no more :) I both enjoied and hateted this for all the trouble we caused&been trough lol,also this is the fist time I hear tge complete story of WW2,because I'm a literal toddler and I didn't study that in school yet,I kinda watched a bunch of documentary but nothing complete

    42. K0wz

      I can’t imagine the mental torture people had to go trough while fighting the nazi

    43. Vr and roblox russian dogo

      Best 2:34


      It Was 300,000 British troops you went into friends actually

    45. The Rife's

      57 million people: view this 36 million people: view part 2

    46. Alfons Ohmes

      Which countries are those blobs on the franco-german border?

    47. S6P Foundation

      Hitler: I WANT MY MONEY MR SQUDWORD Hitler: I WANT MY MOMMY MR SQUDWORD Canada:No. France: Good job son!

    48. Ken Brown


    49. Phiong Chui Ha

      Ah yes the old tactic of britain that is wrecking buncha stuff up 12:20

    50. Nguyen Nhat Huy

      The needless foxglove longitudinally tug because centimeter delightfully spoil despite a aback sentence. synonymous, reminiscent camel

    51. Skate Central

      My grandad had to hide under the table because of the bombs being thrown onto England-

    52. FIshyPlayz

      Us british have tea that make us strong and we never die

    53. Charles Bronson

      Churchill was a fat 'phony tough' drunkard. He got lucky and he gets entirely too much credit. Period. They don't put that in the history books. I wonder why? The reason the English were able to hold-off the Nazis in the first place is because the Germans were fighting in too many fronts at once and the U.S. stepping in to help the English. Otherwise, the UK would be speaking German and the same goes for Russia. It's a good thing Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and got the US involved in the war or else Germany would occupy more than half of the world and possibly attempting an invasion of America. That's alot of sauerkraut!

      1. Jason Taylor

        Without the British navy controling the north sea the Germans could have invaded the Soviet Union from the north. The British navy controlled the vast amount of the Atlantic which it made it easier for the US to cross the Atlantic. Fk the list is long in what the British did. Fat phony and a drunkard. Hah Churchill was a military veteran 2 time prime minister, stop the Nazis from invading. The list is long. He is more of a man than you. Sad bitter man talking complete nonsense on PLshows

      2. Jason Taylor

        Haha you sound bitter. The British got lucky hmm the British stopped the Nazis from invading before the US and the Soviet Union was involved so the Nazis was not fighting in too many fronts. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union when he failed to invade Britain. Read a history book. . Hitler attacked Britain from the air because he feared the British navy which was the largest navy in the world at the time and still the Nazis lost. Ah yes the US that joined years late when the hard part was done. If it was not for the British and there navy D-day would have never have happened. I could say the same thing about the US without the allies the US could be speaking German or Japanese. No wonder we laugh at people like you


      why does the ending sounds so sexual

      1. Soldataran

        I thought it was just me who rubbed one out to this. Phew!

      2. Fredrik Winge

        Ah yeah wars are such turn-ons.

    55. Cương Nguyễn

      Does your team have some Vietnamese people?

    56. Salamander of Destruction

      9:00 So did Germany and most other nations at this point

    57. Owais Ali

      I came here after watching napoleon's video, he must be really disappointed with the french.

    58. Kirsten

      *is it just me or Mr. Mussolini looks like the rock when he is angry*

    59. Kirsten

      u guys have no idea how many times ive watched this video to clearly understand everything

    60. Kirsten

      i have no idea what i learned from ww2 but it was sure interesting

    61. progamer363

      pov: you are from poland and you sad yes im from poland

    62. f k


    63. Thomas V.

      Let's go with bald 😂

    64. James Benson


    65. Thatonebum

      Skill share is probably making bank

    66. MarshyM3K

      World war 2 electric boogaloo

    67. Winston Churchill

      00:04 who is that handsome man?


        It can only be you Winston

    68. Soldataran

      Cold you do The Winter War-Oversimplified?

    69. Korbinian Schober

      Soooo nice brother!! 😱😄😄 Its also nice, 3:44 that you show the feelings of the germans because of disrespecting after ww1, because thats sometimes not noticed in such discussions

    70. Pingu0

      who sees Hitler's mustache as his open mouth

    71. TCTC

      7:55 wanna know the details? 300000+ innocent citizens were killed 20000 woman were molested and raped (most raped to death) 3000 soldiers being rounded up and gunshoted, those who survived were burned to death 57418 citizens of all age and gender rounded up and gunshot, betean to death, burned alive, and even when they were dead the Japanese kept plunging knives into their corpses, totally oblivious to the victims' screaming and begging 2 Japanese came up with a "first who kills 100 citizen wins" competition, and after the match, the winner was crowed as a hero 295882 types of crime, such as murder, rape, arson. etc $2000000000000 lost (of china) and lots more other details on google

      1. camilio B

        No we only talk about the nazi crimes not the ottoman or japanese or allies

    72. TCTC

      the main point started at only 1:18

    73. Ennardgaming47

      in hitlers room u put the Belgium flag not German

    74. Kavita Bali

      If Napoleon was alive he would have been like:wtf how did Prussia got Germany and France is with British what the hell and how is USA so big and what the hell is communism and why is Russia called soveit union and why it fall in just 6 weeks it took them 6 different wars to take me down and you just six weeks you did not attack' them with artillery I am kind of legend for innovative artillery tactics and you didn't use it damn you Nelson if you wouldn't have been there world would have been better and they think I was a short man I am average height for time 😭😭

    75. Dreeh

      3:55 thats not the german flag thats the belgian flag!

    76. ZDT Studios

      Roses are red, I love chocolate. Shit! Why did PLshows only recommend this to me 3 years late?

    77. Neil Gatdula

      Could you please do a pablo escobar one

    78. NotiLag

      I like history because of you

    79. Selam Fisseha

      7:20 Yeah he tried but never succeeded in colonizing Ethiopia!!!(It's Ethiopia btw not Abyssinia.....Abyssinia was its ancient name ) Emperor Menilik II kicked his ass out. Ethiopia had victory in the battle of Adwa. We've been celebrating Victory day ever since!!!!!!!!! VICTORY DAY NOT INDEPENDENCE DAY

    80. Raul Gonzalez

      Me: *gets rejected for neuroscience* Also me: POLITICS IS THE LIFE FOR ME !!!!!!

    81. John Cunningham

      Nah...Benito never stopped being a Socialist, in his own words the International (global Socialism/Communism) was a failure as proven by WW1, for if the Workers of the World would ever unite, it would have been to unite against the Capitalists driving the war. But German Socialists fought for Germany, and Italian Socialists fought for Italy instead of uniting. So he came to believe that Socialism could work for a single country. National Socialism could work for Italy where the Global Socialist movement (Communism) had failed. So it wasn't just nationalism, the rest of Fascist policy included Socialist controls over the economy and society. Not sure why the author says he was "Anti-Socialist" when that's demonstrably untrue -- he was Anti-Communist, preferring his own brand of Socialism and see Communists as a competitive threat.

    82. Daniel Blumberg

      Hitler invades USSR. This enraged Stalin who punished him severely

    83. Linette Gladu

      The broken venezuela explicitly describe because poet unexpectedly ask than a industrious milk. naughty, male estimate

    84. ASVAL

      Please spanish civil war :)

    85. Ababa Mebretu

      Pov: Mussolini didn't colonized abbisna or Ethiopia.

      1. Uncultured Swine

        but they did annex it.

    86. Павел Златоуст

      God, what a shame...And where is the offensive of the Red Army through Europe, where is the liberation of China from the Kwantung army....That's how myths are born.....I'm disappointed. The USSR single-handedly won this war

      1. Mehdi H

        Yes but you forget this guy is american

    87. Raquel Ferotti

      Dumbass they didn't have computers back in the World War II

    88. Artorias

      Who cares how Germans felt after WW1 Hungary got it worse yet it’s never mentioned

    89. NOT zyro

      Why i see Switzerland and Italy and Japan annexed by Germany.

    90. Chris15ret

      If Hitler would've made an alliance with Russia they would've probably won.

      1. camilio B

        Yeah see the allies were not liking the union that much they wanted to help finland against the ussr the cold war was just postponed cs of Germany

      2. Chris15ret

        @MR. NOBØDY yeah, but he could've became bestfriends with the commanders and plant nazi spies in their military and then when the Russians were signing an alliance he could've shot them all after. Then the nazi spies start to take order converting Russia to a nazi checkpoint.

      3. MR. NOBØDY

        Making a full alliance with the Soviet Union went against everything Nazism stood for, alongside Hitler's own personal feelings, it could have never happened.

    91. Dog go WOOF

      Yeah let’s hit some N A Z I S

    92. Mitozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      So in a nutshell it was Alien(colonizing cunts) vs Predator(Nazis). Whoever wins humanity loses type of shit. But one thing boggles my mind. If the Soviets defeated Hitler why is the world speaking english? My opinion? Game was rigged from the start :) 13:04

      1. Jason Taylor

        The allies which the Soviet Union was part of defeated the Nazis. Why would the allies be speaking any other language

    93. Ellizo

      I like how everyone was fighting and Iberia (where I live now) was just sitting there watching everyone kill each other

    94. Izabela Krzyszkowska

      The thumbnail makes it look as if churchill was the main cause of WW2

    95. HG6220

      “These people have BALLS OF STEEL” oversimplified, ww2 video. 😂

    96. Justin Matavia


    97. Goutam Tewari

      Are you British

    98. Jose Negrete

      50000th comment