WW1 - Oversimplified (Part 1)


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    Content inspired by Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast, check it out if you want to learn about WW1 in more detail!
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    1. JameezPlays

      Or as a wise man once said: "Europe hasnt had a war since the last war. So they start WW1. Look at those guns! Its gonna be a GREAT War. So great we wont need a second one. After it's over they blame Germany."

    2. v ruat

      Please do Indian independemce

    3. Nevada_ Trooper

      Idk if the maginot line extended too Switzerland but they should have gone through the Switzerland but Italy might have defended

    4. Leons Charizard

      I'm writing this on the 107th anniversary of the beginning of WW1

    5. World war Pat

      Chill out saying cuss words

    6. Laies

      All of this wouldn't have happened with Franz Ferdinand had just gone fucking home. T^T

    7. JIANNI

      Austria hungry you're such a noob lol

    8. cosmic pro

      Both ww1 and ww2 Germany lost not because of their problem but the allies are not listen to them

    9. LORD TOM Von Hannerknupeecht

      where is Luxembourg

    10. Erdal Unlu


    11. Hoang Duc Hai

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    12. Stephanie Wehrle

      His first word. The

      1. Stephanie Wehrle

        Also if you did not cath it he LITERALLY put English instead of auto generated English

    13. Mister Beast Fan Channel

      German:We Have a Schlieffen Plain. Allied Force: Start Trench War..

    14. Tom

      The birth of a legend

    15. Brande Smith

      The berserk fighter inferiorly invite because fog notably back up a elastic door. fabulous, daily mouth

    16. an angry Scottish american

      Birth of history god

    17. Derry McNamara

      I prefer Ulysses s grant

    18. Thatone Narutoweeb

      I love how I learned more from this and hadurez tales books then I did from school lol

    19. Thatone Narutoweeb

      Ww1:caused by a guy in Austria being shot ww2: caused by an angry mustache man who got rejected by art school

    20. Ari

      When i first discovered "WW1",I thought the name is Wee wee 1

    21. GamerS

      Didn’t Luxembourg exist during ww1

      1. Outcastsage9033

        according to wikipedia it was occupied by the Germans

    22. Milos Lukesevic

      SERBIA lost 28% of the total population ( 1.250.000 ) and 60% of ALL men.. To put that into comparison here are some demographic losses in PERCENTAGES of the prewar population by countries in ww1: 1. Serbia: 27.78% (1,250,000 people) 2. Ottoman Empire: 15.36% (3,271,844 people) 3. Romania: 8.88% (665,706 people) 4. France: 4.39% (1,737,800 people) It's the biggest genocide in Europe in recent history, and no one talks about it.. Those responsible for it weren't punished EVER.. The whole Serbian history is awfully tragic.. BUT, ironically Serbs are viewed as BAD gays for the last 200 years, even today, which is absurd if you know Serbian history.. In only the 20th century we as a small nation fought in: - 2 WORLD WARS, - 2 Balkan Wars, - 1 war to keep Yugoslavia together ( It was formed 2 times by Serbians and with OUR BLOOD ), - 1 war against brave NATO (all vs one) aggression to protect our historically most important territory and HOLY land for Serbs, KOSOVO.. >> Serbian history in short

      1. Teresa Leite

        I agree but, it isn’t the biggest genocide in European history. Not even top ten but everything else I completely agree. Love from 🇵🇹

    23. Milos Lukesevic

      For everyone who thinks that Serbia is no1 to be blamed for ww1 read next: 1. Few centuries (15 - 20 century), Serbian people were defenders of Europe and AUSTRIA .. - Many Serbs who managed to escape from Ottoman occupation, came to live on Austro-Hungarian border.. - Whenever Ottomans tried to father expend to Europe and invade Austro-Hungary, Serbs were in the first line of fight.. - Serbs fighting on Austria side saved them from becoming another Ottomans vassal.. 2. Just before ww1, Serbia was already fighting Turkey for independence for more than 100years (1804-1914).. - Austria supported us with supplies and weaponry, and left us to bleed alone without any help in man.. - In that long time, We lost the majority of the population in several wars to get independence.. - Austria was pleased.. They left us to fight Ottomans, and when both sides were exhausted, they attacked..... their allis-Serbs. When we finally accomplished FULL independence (1913), and become free from Turkey, we were immediately ATTACKED by Austria and Germany (1914) like a herd of hyenas on already weak, SMALL and wounded animal.. Owning Balkan was always their biggest desire.. So Austria and Germany were GREEDY genocidal nations like through most of their history.. - 28% of the total Serbian population ( 1.250.000 ) and 60% of ALL men were killed.. The exact same thing happened only 20years later in ww2 where at least 800.000 civilians(women and children) were killed in concentration camps in the most brutal ways.. Again no one was punished and most of the military leaders and those UNhuman persons who were killers in concentration camps EVEN got HELP from Allies to escaped to other countries. After all atrocities they did, they lived long peaceful lives, and died of old age in their villas.. Disgusting..

    24. Jonathan Harston

      Come on, you don't need six minutes to explain, Archie Duke killed an ostrich because he was hungry.

    25. Accardo Salmon

      0:01 a legend was born

    26. avki avry

      When a legendis born

    27. RamenMan HappyWheels

      What did Franz Ferdinand say before he died? Take Me Out

      1. 게임 하는 bay kim

        한국어로 얘기하면 좋겠어

    28. Jack Gardner

      The conscious dime revealingly bolt because chain inevitably release until a needless comparison. dull, assorted tip

    29. Sphinx

      Can you imagine if Germany didn't go through Belgium? If they hadn't invaded Belgium the UK wouldn't have the leeway to intervene

    30. truckguy and carguy 🇷🇸

      I'm serbian

    31. Kernelly

      2:49 wtf is that polish flag doing there????? I mean really it's not oversimplified, its historically inacurate wtf

      1. Only a German Guy

        That's the flag of the German Empire but the top of the flag is Black and the background is Black so you can't See it

      2. Teresa Leite

        It’s not a polish flag

      3. Chocolatebar

        Should’ve put a white backround lol

    32. Kernelly

      The best thing americans think they had rough time during WW1, Poland was the center of the war

    33. Mathew Jaime

      prople in 1914: a what a peaceful day oversimplified:let have a war!

    34. DynamicFunVideos 123

      I think that Austria had every right to declare war ons Serbia because a serbian assisanted the heir tot he throne and the giver ant may have had something to do with it

    35. Gavin Van Ostran

      5:45 Now butcher Grant dosen't sound bad now does it?

    36. PieSmellsGood

      Why is Luxembourg not on the map at 0:31?

      1. Teresa Leite

        Because it was occupied

    37. cooler_in_text

      Look dude. I'm getting sick of your crap. Why ain't no uploads in a few months? I need to learn me some history

      1. Teresa Leite

        Because videos take time to make and he has a life you know?

    38. Robert Anderson

      Me: *Casually turns the video up to 1.25x because he’s talking to slow*

    39. KZ3fps

      This would be a good topic to revisit. I feel like Oversimplified's videos are more in depth now.

    40. Megacolas E

      Fun fact : oversimplified is a time traveler

    41. 0000 0

      there are no coincidences -MASTER OOGWAY

    42. RexTzzy Plays

      You should be a history professor in U.S.

    43. Namejs Liepiņš

      Serbia didn't refuse to give in the demands. Austria-Hungary expected them to refuse and started mobilization in advance. That caused chain reaction of mobilizations where no empire was able/wanted to cancel mobilization which actually started the war

    44. sack of crap

      0:00 A legend was born

    45. chase evans

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    46. E E

      Ok but like, you clicked here to see WW1, why would you dIslicke?

    47. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

    48. Nahin Hasib Borno

      All these for one man named Gavrilo Princip with gun

    49. The Normal Twerker

      Vote Up for a Remastered Version

    50. Vilma Jerkovic

      usa be like : germany...dont you dare to....britain:USA USA GERMANY SENDET THIS LIST TO MEXICO BUT I SPOTTET AND IT SAYS" it would be cool if you would attack usa" usa:GERMANY!!!!!:germany:hehe usa:*defeats germany and slaps but*GERMANY DONT YOU DARE TO START AGAIN 1939 usa:-_-


      The driver basically caused the whole war 👁👄👁

    52. YearOfTheYeet

      Bottom left guy at 5:28…

    53. YearOfTheYeet

      The start of a great channel.

    54. Jad Celine

      My history teacher sucks, OverSimplified is waaaaay better

    55. Mr Scruffels

      Re👏Make👏this👏in👏2021 You know you want it

    56. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out.

    57. Jerrilyn Klock

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    58. EmisoraRadioPatio


    59. ZombieSlayer1467

      so your saying a wrong turn caused 2 major wars, and (i think maybe this contributed but not sure) the rise of communism and the U.S.S.R

    60. Mr. void

      His voice was sooo different back then

    61. Ahmed Hossam

      Why didn't germany attack Russia first while russia was unready and then attack france.

    62. Gaming with Simplicity

      It's boring to learn history in school but watching the same on youtube is damn intresting.

    63. Tonet Mallari

      Can you do Christmas truce

    64. MEMEZ_mia

      Can u do the history of New Zealand

    65. Ian Cruz

      Germany knew thay theu where clumsy becase germany easily beaten sovite in world war 1 and no winter this time for now.

    66. Sayesha Rajdutt

      WW3: *starts* Everyone: **looks at Germany** Germany: wHAT

      1. Animesh Payasi


    67. oakplayz 75


    68. Zoran Sljapic

      First off Serbia didnt give weapons and didnt help in the assasinstion they just didnt do anything the pepol that didnt want to live in Hungary stole weapons and killed Franz Ferdinand I know this bcs im Serbian

    69. 匿名


    70. Addiboy da gamer

      2 0 2 1

    71. Lester

      my sub teacher put this on in class today

      1. Lester

        @Ahmed Hossam not anymore

      2. Ahmed Hossam

        You have school?

    72. Otterpop

      I wonder what this video would be like today now that he's had plenty of practice!

    73. XxNinjä101xX

      გილოცავ ზუსტად ისე ლაპარაკი სადაც ქართული ბოლო დროს წელს ლაპარა YOLO _/( © )\_

    74. Meme Kip

      Imma be honest, Oversimplified and Daily Dose of Internet are the 2 most brilliant people on the internet.

    75. Anarghya Sumanth

      When OverSimplified uses a Maryland governor as the British guy.

    76. Lanze ✓

      So the driver would have prevented a war by not having a wrong turn

    77. Yeet Master

      L E T S H A V E A W A R

    78. Emma Bonn

      3:03 Are we the baddies

    79. Milijan Grgic


    80. Lonely cake

      I love ur videos but find them a tiny bit too fast

    81. Flint Eyeington

      Thanks this rely helped me with a speech

    82. コヌイチ

      It's incredible just because of a one man a world war started!

    83. Aristocat

      And we didn't learn from Franz Ferdinand that putting world leaders in open-top cars in cities in which they are not liked won't go well? Christ...

    84. SamAnimations

      Wouldn’t it be cool if you did a video about the Roman empire

    85. Kim&Marek

      Where's Luxembourg?

      1. Rix

        germany took it

    86. Ben Boeshans

      Doctor: okay Mrs Oversimplified, one last push and that should do it! Oversimplified: *is born* Oversimplified: L E T S H A V E A W A R

    87. RicardoJenson

      All im hearing is "hungry austria".

    88. Yayeetayps 789

      0:01 A legend is born.

    89. Jeff brewer

      The annoyed snail successfully pedal because evening equally joke aside a goofy onion. dark, cumbersome guide

    90. GoldenCrownKing

      The only thing that changed on his voice is it became deeper.

    91. Bernardo Roque

      0:51 This looks like people wanted WW1 to happen.

    92. lionlj

      Germany: *commits atrocities in Belgium * The world: "how dare you do this!?" Belgians in Kongo: "yeah.... how dare you do something like this"

    93. Lazar

      My man literally just started spitting facts and didn't even say who he is or introduced his channel. Legend

      1. Oskthemosk

        Copied comment but u might’ve thought the same ting

    94. redstone crafter

      Can we just think how 2 major wars that caused more than 100m dead was caused by 1 assassin

    95. sebiieex

      monte what?

    96. darer101

      Competent Austro-Hungarian Chauffeur? - No WW1 - No WW2 - No Russian Revolution - No Cold War - No Holocaust 110M+ Saved

      1. darer101

        @Amit Kale True...one of the factors was the over-funding of the war cause, leaving not enough money for citizens though.

      2. Amit Kale

        Russian Revolution prolly would have happened, since people would still be starving.

    97. Hunter Lopez

      3:00 got this picture

    98. Christine

      Serbia: Die mister poop o austria