WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 2)


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    1. Ifrid87

      Mariya Oktyabrskaya

    2. dragon master

      Could you do the winter war?

    3. GOLD Buzz

      Hey I still don't understand why US bombed hiroshima rather than Tokyo their largest city or other large military establishment.

      1. n

        They didnt want to kill so many innocent civils

    4. Adam Mazin

      Soveit Union = wait to winter to kill nazi

    5. Phantom-One

      Just remember, this all happened because a driver took a wrong turn trying to reach a hospital.

    6. Comixx

      Whoops, sorry Canada

    7. No Woman No Cry

      Has anyone find Japanese was hindered in where they had got in China from the part1 until part2?

    8. Achyet

      Hitler lost Moscow This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Stalingrad This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Kursk This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Normandy This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Warsaw This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost the battle of the bulge This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Budapest This enraged his father who punished him severely Hitler lost Berlin This enraged his father but this time he was an old ass man so he just let it go, and then died of a lung hemorrhage, Hitler then proceeded to punish himself severely

    9. Wattanai James

      Axis power was basically germany and japan. lol

    10. MintyTea

      Tobruk was defend also with the Polish Army

      1. MintyTea

        Polish soldiers who fought there was a prison of Soviet Union Stalin give them freedom after Katyn massacre where Russians killed over 20 thousand polish officers and policemen

    11. Little Bon

      7:18 George is a russian spy

    12. Diane Tomlinson

      My favorite part about world war II has to be the allied invasion of Italy

    13. Bira Cristian

      0:47 Basarabia='((

    14. Qreik

      everything is good but the Poles and the English broke the enigma code

    15. Swati Pawar


    16. Josh Feehan

      Love all these people in the comments that believe the Swiss army could hold a candle to the Nazis 😂if it wasn't for the allies the spineless country of Switzerland would have been no more

      1. Flargarbason

        @Josh Feehan you missed the analogy. Canada is notorious for staying out of other people’s business. Hell, even in the world wars they only counted as less that 0.5% of the total deaths in the war.

      2. Josh Feehan

        @Flargarbason no Canada fought in both world wars

      3. Flargarbason

        Switzerland is basically the Canada of Europe. They’re too docile to be a threat and don’t have enough natural resources to bother invading for.

    17. Alexander Vallecillo

      Bro the Swiss we’re doing the runningman in rhis

      1. Alexander Vallecillo


    18. Grass Block

      12:13 That's the most american thing to do lol

    19. SFS fan

      1:40 Казалось бы, причем здесь Украина...

    20. YyyPapryka

      02:41 what the fuck Poles are responsible for breaking the enigma

      1. M. R

        No, the British broke it with Alan Turing.

    21. Abrechteit Spieler


      1. Flargarbason

        Sure, can you demonstrate how?


      All the shit blowing up the world and Switzerland just sitting their eating popcorn

    23. Alexandre Degrote

      what was acctuly the purpose of this war

      1. Flargarbason

        The axis powers trying to take over the world and everyone else trying to stop them from taking over the world

    24. Muhammed Nurullah Balcı

      I love how turkey is chilling in the middle of war:D

      1. Flargarbason

        Well they didn’t have any resources worth taking and they didn’t have a particularly threatening army so they weren’t worth the effort.

    25. Rat Killer

      Aww Man every time I'm watching these War videos and I see Small Australia pop up out of no where kicking ass, it always makes me smile 😂. They have always been a loyal Ally to the US, and are immune to threats from bigger, more powerful Countries. One of the bravest nations in the World. One of the few Counties I consider a true ally of ours. Most Nations that pretend to be our Allies only act as so when it benefits them. Just look at now as a example, How many of these "Allies" have sent forces to the South Asian Sea to assist the US and Japan set up Counter measures against China's increasing aggression? Very few.

    26. Abdeali Chattriwala

      Imagine if hitler convinced America to join them instead of Italy

      1. •Sw1ftP4w Th3 R3d Cr0c• WC 💥🔫🐊

        I honestly don’t know much about war but, I would like it if someone here made a theory about what would have happened.

    27. Levyx89

      Nice but not all is true...The enigma was uncoded by Polish kryptologs Henryk Zygalski, Jerzy Różycki i Marian Rajewski. Alan Turing just write the book

    28. Thomas Gustav Franc

      Mussolini is Europe’s soft underbelly OOOOOOOH APPLY COLD WATER TO BURNED AREA

    29. Orange Soda

      Japan has done so much horrible acts yet their government is trying to erase it.

    30. Patrick so cwazy


    31. BossGamer Zalla

      0:18 You can see the American flag over Canada before being replaced by the actual Canadian flag at the time followed by a text saying oops sorry Canada But oversimplified shouldn’t worry in fact the Canadians will probably make him president under the pretext of having confusing flags

    32. FIshyPlayz


    33. FIshyPlayz

      What if the whole of Europe became friends and never had war what if there was no war What if the world had peace

    34. Marie-Pier Edwards

      Me: watches this video and realizes the captions are Albanian but no English Me again: WHAT?

    35. Harry Perlich

      I enjoyed the Napoleon Oversimplified, because it provided a superficial overview of history and some psychological details. This WW2 Oversimplified is however just a cartoon version of a 'victor's history lesson'. It is a crude reenactment of the dominant allied narrative, focusing on ('factual') strategic events, with almost no mention of underlying causes, power games, atrocities. Turning history into a SouthPark style cartoon is pernicious. In the absence of critical analysis, the cartoon makes the horrendous slaughter into a comedy. We watch, not a critical historic interpretation, but a regurgitation of a tolerated collective (UK/US) mythology of the last 80 years. Incidentally, WW2 was almost entirely decided, militarily, on the Russian Front. And war is politics (and economic interests) by other means. It is not good guys vs. bad guys. The real history of WW2, with its secret agendas, power games to carve up the world, betrayals and immoral alliances, would make you gasp in horror, not laugh. But then... you wouldn't find a commercial sponsor!

    36. Ricky Dumas

      Ignoring the Potsdam Treaty - Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin had agreed that the Soviet Union would enter the Pacific War on August 15. Roosevelt died, and his successor Truman wanted to make the Japanese holler "Uncle" before the Russians got there. The A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was based on ideology, not strategy.

    37. Sakura Noriaki(definitely DAMNO BRANDO)

      13:43 But wot about Indochina(Viet Minh and ethnics) defeat Japanese Empire? The histroy say Viet Minh against the Japanese Occupation.

    38. DTN Imagineer

      All carriers sunk at midway where akagi kaga soryu and hiryu the Americans in return lost coral sea survivor yorktown

    39. Quốc Khánh Hoàng

      Cảm ơn bạn Ngô Đức Huy đã sub, rất hay

    40. Samuel Samuel

      don't war Japan 😭😭

    41. mlapointe88

      Canada actually declared war on Japan before anyone else. But its ok lol.this guy never mentions us..and if he does it's a big joke

      1. camilio B

        True and i hate that

    42. volactic 2000

      If Hitler want to invade caucasus then why not he annex turkey to get caucasus

      1. Excalibur Videos

        turkey is full of mountains and hills. so it would take months to do that

    43. Zixfi

      Australia coming in clutch in North Africa

    44. Lukiiman

      Hitler may have been a maniac, but the capability he had to invade all of Europe and become a problem for the strongest nations was incredible

      1. camilio B

        True Germany was against the world literally if not for the holocaust and crimes they wouldn't be the bad guys

    45. Nikki And Cousins Vlogs

      Hitler: plan a: attack europe plan b: take over the world Aliies:Hold mah beer Japan:Im unkillable Japan seeing cockroach:I SURRENDER Allies:TvT rip japan Me thank for reading mah comment UwU

    46. SCP- 8888

      The U.K. launched a bombing raid over Berlin. This angered Germany, who punished them severely.

      1. SCP- 8888

        You're saying that the U.K. wasn't at war with Nazi Germany, yet still was a driving force in a war against Nazi Germany, Facist Italy, and Imperial Japan, where those 3 were at war with most of Europe, Colonies in Africa, and North America.

      2. YO B

        Germans didn’t do shit, there’s a reason they didn’t want to go to war with England in the first place lmao

    47. Sophy Kan Ung

      My sister said cambodia is part of the axis.

    48. Anthony_YT

      Is anyone going to talk About the American flag on Canada at the start

    49. mini Mike Tyson 2.0

      Thank you other countries for helping Britain I'm British

    50. Gil Ellison

      This proves that sequels are worse than the original

    51. BizNeat

      I am from SE Asia, and my history teacher used to tell us; the British soldier had too much a good life here, that they were severely under-trained to handle the Japanese attack.

    52. Ro Craft

      12:34 *This enraged Adolf’s father, who punished him severely*

    53. baba ubyg

      whether Stalin was surprised he was certainly furious People often rave nonsense that Hitler's attack on the USSR was a mistake in June 1941 but they apparently do not notice that at a later date the attack would be an even greater catastrophe and the Soviet Union attacked the German masses before 1944 so a much better option was the pre-emptive attack that the Soviet Union had dealt with losses and could have been successful, there was a chance for it, but the people in the staff and Hitler, like this, made mistakes and they did not manage to capture Moscow, which was only 100 km from the front at its peak, or the more bizarre Leningrad, which lasted over 1000 days in the siege. btw the enigma code was broken by Polish mathematicians from Lviv and the British owed them a fully functional enigma machine, which the Poles managed to intercept and hand over to the English the story presented by the author of the video is simplified and it's nice because maybe someone will be interested in the topic, and even if not, at least he will read the basic information about the second witness war but I think that some information was presented in a too Western way, which also has many hypocrites

    54. Ski Replay

      WTF Marian Rejewski broke the enigma codw

    55. Squishy

      Britain this whole time mission: survive

    56. PigWhipYTSS

      Japan took over my country

    57. Azerty Azerty

      "if you showed American soldiers what today's world is like, they would have fought for the Axis". Nothing else to say

      1. MR. NOBØDY

        Doubtful. Just because we have problems nowadays doesn't mean American soldiers would have thrown themselves to fight for a foreign Fascist regime.

    58. Ecliptic

      The real mystery here is why Kamikaze pilots wore helmets.

    59. Matthew Lycan

      Funny how Australia actually got involved a bit, and was never really touched

    60. Godzillaskelli

      Oversimplified please do the Hundred Years’ War

    61. Joseph Stalin


    62. FishFossils

      How Germany pays its war debts: $$$ How Japan pays its war debts: \uwu/

    63. S6P Foundation

      Canada Canada 🇨🇦 GO GO GO

    64. Павел Златоуст

      God, what a shame...And where is the offensive of the Red Army through Europe, where is the liberation of China from the Kwantung army....That's how myths are born.....I'm disappointed. The USSR single-handedly won this war

      1. MrStretchification

        Lmao no they didn't. The ONLY reason Russia survived the war is because of the US. Had the US not been sending supplies to Russia they wouldn't have had the capability to fight. The only reason Russia didn't completely starve was because of Murican aid. Furthermore, had the US not joined and opened up the Western Front Russia would have been fighting Germany alone. Finally, Churchill himself said the UK was on the verge of surrender before the US joined. Face reality.....has the US not joined the war, or decided not to supply Russia with food, oil, and equipment, Russia would have lost.

    65. forstenius

      You should actually have painted Sweden red tbh...

    66. Игорь Т

      Jewish lost 6 mil, Russians - 30 mil, wonder why no mention of this losses highlighted in video

      1. camilio B

        Zionist propaganda

      2. Игорь Т

        @Excalibur Videos so, some lives matters, others don't? Thats your motto?

      3. Excalibur Videos

        Cuz this ia not about how many died.

    67. Natalia Sekuła

      The Polish mathematics in our underground country break the enigma code!

      1. M. R

        Not true. It was the British with Alan Turing.

    68. LINK JOKER

      World would be more fun if germany has won

      1. camilio B

        Nazism was terrible so no

      2. M. R

        No, it wouldn't. And I say that as a German.

    69. Clone Solar

      Stalin: Haha soviet troops go BRRRRRR

    70. Bed Time Podcast

      ok thats cool but look at fu*king switzerland lmaooo

    71. Arjun Khera

      Japan should’ve just helped Germany invade the Soviet Union

      1. MR. NOBØDY

        Japan had been harshly defeated by the Soviets at Khalkhin Gol in 1939, which made the Japanese very unwilling to try to fight the Red Army again, especially when they were already straining themselves in China. Beyond that, Japan had already set its eyes on South East Asia and the Pacific for various reasons. Fighting the U.S and the Soviet Union at once would have been deadly for Japan.

    72. PlantiTune

      *every countries battling* Switzerland: what a good movie!

    73. king of kings

      Please do a Karen war please

    74. FilleBoiii

      Good video

    75. SuperRedSpace

      WW2 Part 2 2 Months Free Of SkillShare

    76. Kernelly

      It's polish team who decoded the enigma code, OR AT LEAST COOPERATED WITH FRENCH AND BRITISH, it was definitely not just fckin Turing who did everything whoever tf he was, Poland gave allies 30 best mathematicians. The German plugboard-equipped Enigma became Nazi Germany's principal crypto-system. It was broken by the Polish General Staff's Cipher Bureau in December 1932, with the aid of French-supplied intelligence material obtained from a German spy. A month before the outbreak of World War II, at a conference held near Warsaw, the Polish Cipher Bureau shared its Enigma-breaking techniques and technology with the French and British. During the German invasion of Poland, core Polish Cipher Bureau personnel were evacuated via Romania to France, where they established the PC Bruno signals intelligence station with French facilities support. Successful cooperation among the Poles, the French, and the British at Bletchley Park continued until June 1940, when France surrendered to the Germans.

    77. Kernelly

      To the outside world, it was Turing that had cracked the Enigma and shortened the war. Indeed, by the time The Imitation Game film about Turing was released in 2014, the efforts of the Polish cryptographers had been reduced to just one line.

    78. Kernelly


      1. Excalibur Videos


      2. M. R

        The only one who's lying is you. The British broke it.

      3. Spoopy


    79. Nathan Melenius

      half of canada FRENCH half of canada ENGLISH

    80. Juelz R

      You mean young men lol 1:55 those were the ones who suffered and died

    81. Fulcrum

      Here's a free cookie 🍪

    82. KindaRussianGuy

      He would have been a great artist of he used skill share


      When u tell the public about atrocities why leave out alied countries atrocities which they comit which include killing 3 million bengalis from India please be unbiased when making this videos

      1. Excalibur Videos


    84. Go Far

      it wont be easy for anyone to really talk about world war two without erroniosity... because... the world war two was politically used by washington to get recognized and acknowledged as the world saviour and superpower... the communists soviets islamists refused to recognize washington america of its self-proclamation... thus the cold war began... up to the present, america is doing its all-out-attempts to prove its self-proclamation...

      1. Go Far

        @MrStretchification "if" is a word unaffordable in history of chaos and turbulence... whats done cannot be undone... what matters is the lands and peoples of a certain nation/empiredom still exist and intact... man-made buildings can be destroyed, leaderships do change, names of nations do change... but... existing peoples remain the same... to inherit their past and continue their history... to cherish their civilization... as the cosmic nature keeep ticking its own time...

      2. MrStretchification

        Churchill himself said the UK was going to surrender before Pearl Harbor. The only reason the Allies won is because the US was sending supplies to Russia and the UK, and they opened up a second front. Had the US not joined, the UK would have surrendered and Russia would have been starved into capitulation.

    85. gunner gaming

      9:36 *meanwhile in between the to events* BALLON ARMY 9:45

    86. Go Far

      but... some many small things erroneous... but doesnt matter... textbooks are made to delineate many small but important important facts... and personal real accounts re world war two were WHITE CLOUDED by the monopolized one-sided west media... so i cant blame you...

    87. Go Far

      "perfectly normal"... HAHAHA

    88. anime and mcpe bruh Ph Gaming

      Rip Philippine s

    89. brickbattle boi

      "East Indies" indonesians: *yo wtf*

    90. Έλληνας Ακρίτας

      Greece is your dad

    91. Devan Woodruff

      Hitler: Goddam Russia is cold! Stalin: yeppppp

    92. Kim Boman

      7:22 what is that song called

      1. Outcastsage9033

        Huma huma from russia with love

    93. CZARNOBYL Prypeć

      breaking the code was the work of outstanding Polish mathematicians, The Poles fought in the RAF, and caused 12% of the losses of the Luftwaffe during the September campaign, and the British billed Poland after the war for the use of their planes.

      1. CZARNOBYL Prypeć

        I used google translate 0-0

    94. Jeremy Tong


    95. Jan Zając

      I'm Polish so I need to say that Polish mathematicians broke engima code(2:40) one more time in Tobruk there were mostly Poles not new zealands

      1. Jan Zając

        @M. R it was Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski

      2. M. R

        It was the British with Alan Turing.

    96. Fredrik Winge

      Please do: The Clone Wars- Oversimplified. Just for fun.

    97. Gameo Lord

      So basically hitler started to get fucked up when he was stubborn enough to fight a war with russia in winter

      1. MR. NOBØDY

        The Nazis invaded on the 22nd of June, that's Summer, not in Winter.

      2. Uncle Larry

        And btw, I don't remember the soviets growing thick fur, the winter affected them too.

      3. Uncle Larry

        I'm tired of people using "General Winter" as an excuse for germany losing the entire front so let me just say this, there were multiple factors at play at Germany's loss, winter was just a portion of it.

    98. Amna’s Channel

      The diss is underrated man, it is da coolest most extreme diss EVER

    99. Krzysztof Fuczek

      You forgot about Marian Rejewski Polish mathematician who broke enigma in coop with Alan Turing. Also Polish pilots defended England in battle of England, so after war England didnt invite Polish soliders to great parade...

    100. DeMario Burrell

      My poor people why did jews have to go through this