The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)


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    1. mcusthp

      did i know all of this because of my unhealthy addiction to hamilton? yes.

    2. megacube

      This is what i call fun education

    3. RockMusicLover329

      13:27 King George III: "It's treason, then." Haha! I just now realized that, that was a Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sidious reference from Star Wars: Episode III - ROTS!

    4. jared glinka

      The useful roast increasingly interest because italy macropharmacologically use aboard a ultra harbor. violet, important glider

    5. ID Dixit

      0:35 GOOOOOOOLD!!

    6. GeanMaPR

      You are wrong about the hammock. Hammock came frome the taino indiands of the carrabean islands. There for nope its not from central america. Columbus actually landed first in “la española” wich is today the island of Dominican Republic and haiti. The original word for hammock is actually “hamaka” also.. taino indians wore the ones who invented the world famous style of cooking of the barbicue wich the original name was “barbecue”. I hope everyone learned the truth & new history

    7. Gina Savu


    8. Gina Savu


    9. The Edster

      *Me, living in Connecticut seeing Washington go there, but then he goes past me to New York*

    10. Florijn van Till

      George: “it’s treason then.”


      When king George wrote: "I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS send it to the colonies" and when they received the message it says "I'M GONNA LICK YOUR ASS" ;-; king George your handwriting is TERRIBLE!! you look handsome, smart and most popular king that ever lived? YOU LOOK LIKE THE OPPOSITTE OF WHAT YOU SAID!!!!

    12. JJ Bolts

      So the colonies were the bad guys (they started the war over taxes,they burnt down homes and harassed and bullied anyone who disagreed)

    13. Sam

      10:32 BUTT 😂😂😂😂😂

    14. KaBruh BigMan

      I mean no, he did not reached continental America, he reached some Caribbean Islands and thought he reached the West Indies, Amerigo Vespucci knew he reached a new continent which his first name in latin is America.

    15. Fleaths OOF

      The people you knew before this: George Washington and maybe Alexander Hamilton

    16. Carole Cannella

      6:08 America:hey look at this * dumps tea into water* UK:NOOOOO

    17. TomGodson

      Quite ironic because America disowned France in in the beginning of ww1 and ww2

    18. Delina_Plays

      It’s nice but your going to fast I’m trying to write but your too fast and thanks for the info man

    19. Matthew Gamer yt

      The funniest part was o boy were the people pissed

    20. R1xyHD

      I am nice because I help my friends

    21. R1xyHD

      Only I

    22. R1xyHD

      I I I

    23. R1xyHD

      I I I

    24. R1xyHD

      I I I

    25. R1xyHD

      I I I

    26. R1xyHD

      I think I was supposed to kick the ball

    27. R1xyHD


    28. Gazi Nymur Rahman Imon

      bro please make video on Bangladesh India and Pakistan history

    29. CollectiveWorld.

      Fun fact: Morocco was the first country to regonise USA's independence, don't thank me.

    30. Fiona Thorpe


    31. Frithiof Mårtensson 9a

      Oversimplified when he is sponsored by Viking for a major war video. “But oversimplified the Vikings discovered insert war here.”

    32. gamer boy

      I love this he's good youtuber

    33. Jyoti Pundir Pande

      OVERSIMPLIFIED I know how rarely you upload but I laughed so hard that I nearly died.... not literally but it's so funny that it is so hard to not laugh

    34. Marcus Powell

      If you like vikings then... Haha nice placement xD

    35. Ixtreze

      For those wondering why King George III didn't appear in this video, it was because he was working in front of his mirror thinking "Fabulous, handsome, handsomest and smartest.

    36. JIANNI

      In those times Columbus was the type of guy "I got you bro" and then would drain your blood if you had a cold

    37. United Kingdom

      Don’t worry I replaced them with 2 larger colonies

    38. Frank Cioffi

      Im so happy i just stumbled upon this channel.... Omfg this is youtube gold. I cant stop laughing.

    39. Crystaelechan

      13:37 My Hamilton brain: Ah yes,Right Hand Man

    40. Jeb Broham

      The next Revolution is coming against the tyrant Biden and his illegitimate regime. We will not be slaves to Marxism!

      1. dead meme

        @Joseph Olido 2020 - King Donald I (House of Idiots)

      2. Joseph Olido

        1776 - King George III (House of Hanover) 2021 - King Joeseph I (House of Biden)

    41. Cory CG

      None of my family members would’ve fought for the US in the Revolutionary War they would’ve fought for England because my Great Great Grandfather was English I have a picture of him and my Great Great Grandmother he was born in 1872 and she was born in 1879.

    42. Aquia


    43. Albert Deleon

      I'm Confederates went to live in Mexico

    44. Joey Powell

      The way he does these videos r funny too bad we still get taxed out the A::

    45. Youbaraj Sharma

      0:07-0:36 I laughed

    46. MimMim7

      Love your vids!

    47. Licker

      So they got mad because the British were taxing them and then they win and what do they do, tax everyone.

      1. Joseph Olido


    48. Private John Powder• 246 years ago

      The good old days

    49. Nishanth Sridhar

      I dont get it 1st the brit help the americans to fight off spain and France And then spain and France help americans to fight British? 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Joseph Olido


    50. Jack Holsonback

      Ive watched this like 12 times

    51. Jack Holsonback

      This is my favorite video

    52. single solutions

      Who are here after playing assassin's creed 3..

    53. elo

      Did you know that there are coins from Israel in America that dated to be more than 2000 years old

    54. Little Advay

      The Irish discovered America in 545

    55. lucky jones52

      excellent awesome history video... best of the best !

    56. B Adharsh

      my home country

    57. B Adharsh

      bruch you england

    58. Sets TNT

      This channel is great

    59. Lean Cruz

      where's Mel Gibso? lol

    60. scp 939

      why am i thinking about assasins creeed III

    61. k4x1 rda

      LMAO the rebel flag looks like a poorly cropped british flag

    62. WittCorp

      I like the little people in your videos! (:

    63. John-Paul Gies

      When your so oversimplified about Columbus that it's just straight up false. Not appreciating the radicalist propaganda.😓

      1. Marcela Monkey

        What was false about what he said?

      2. Артём К


    64. Aiden Becken

      i watched this because i was bored with hamilton

    65. Sweta Thesia

      History with comedy

    66. Matt Tanda

      No... Don't do it.... STAAAMP

    67. Frutty

      This guy is educational and funny, he uploads rarely but when he does the video is atleast educational

    68. PROJECT V


    69. Marv Alison

      Vikings discovered blood.

      1. Marv Alison

        @Avi A Does to me.

      2. Avi A

        But no one cared at that time so it doesnt matter


      Actually I Learnt american revolution by playing assassin creed 3 I wish i could play unity too for french revolution but I can't

    71. Awoken_PanMan9001

      You really care about that hammock.

    72. Vanessa Perez

      Bòw a rü

    73. Vanessa Perez

      True grian!

    74. James Nichols

      Who is that person that you always assocate with Britain at 13:32

    75. Ammar Zakwan Channel

      My languange is boring. Turn on subtitle. Subtitle change the way our languange speak. Me: same like home Example: (sila keluar)-(berambuslah siak) (Kacak)-(hensem)

    76. Đoàn Minh

      way what? 4:31 it's the most handsome, not handsomest 😂😂

    77. Pratham :)

      i hate vikings ok so stop giving stupidd ads

      1. dead meme

        It's a sponsorship, and he's going to keep doing them.

    78. ItsUnpug


    79. Virgil Sollozzo

      1. Columbus went to his grave believing he'd reached Asia, never believing that it was a heretofore unknown continent. 2. "Columbus landed in Central America in 1492..." (shows him landing in the West Indies). Naturally, the video with the biggest number of rookie mistakes gets the most views.

    80. Iván Franco

      Just want to point out that Christopher Columbus died without being aware that he had landed to new territory, he thought all his life it was India

    81. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

    82. conongnho

      “The most skilled army in the world was fleeing by untrained people with guns” Awww man that felt good take dat Britain

    83. Anirudh Rai

      So these Britishers took the identity of Americans and classified the 'real' Americans as Indians who then classified the 'real' Indians as Asian Indians. Wow - AN ASIAN INDIAN

    84. Bonnie Bonnie

      The ugliest dress phytogeographically snatch because frost similarly snow across a deep samurai. ahead, slim reading

    85. jackylovescar

      Great Britain: I have the strongest armies and the strongest naval power! Great Britain: Hello Great Britain there is something that can destroy you. Great Britain: hahahaha what is it Great Britain: *yourself.*

    86. Marie-Pier Edwards

      4:56 it’s almost like everything is taxes, maybe even taxes are a “tax for that” XD

    87. Kevin Broderick

      The harsh net complementarily stain because israel unknowingly analyse over a weary bracket. bright, motionless lung

    88. ToHP


    89. ShivanshPlays1

      America revolting to get 0 taxes: YAY America giving more taxes than the British did: Maybe we could’ve stayed dependent

    90. Vuk Dragić

      Video:Boston is now in direct control of great- Ad:I don't think it's great

    91. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

    92. Matthew Hale

      I love how clean the shift to the sponsorship always is 😂👌

    93. ray mond

      What a perfect syncrinised ads

    94. Jonathan Mansfield

      This video gives off heavy "bill wurtz" vibs... I love it.

    95. Harnoor Singh

      I want u as my history teacher……..U ARE THE BEST DUHHHH!

    96. G7-01. Akshat Kulkarni

      Poor British, they just wanted some money...

    97. Chocolate Nuggets

      is it luck that britain and the colonies have mouth shaped areas

    98. Michael Henry

      The vikings landed on Canada tho

    99. beapot

      I love these videos! That British soldier's fart at 8:58 had me 💀💀💀😂😂😂

    100. sammy tommy

      You are a great channel and all your work is wonderful quality