The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2)


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    1. Multiverse elite

      Can you do a vid on Canadian history

    2. Mason Richards

      Oversimplified: No one can trade with the British in Europe. Napoleon doesn’t realize the Ottomans are in Europe. Ottomans: HAHA I CAN STILL TRADE WITH THE BRITISH!!! Napoleon: Ugh.

    3. Sarang Kulkarni

      Music from Carmen Habanera at 4.40 is a nice touch )))



    5. Aaron Laferty

      You should do a video on the Yugoslav wars of the late 1900s

    6. Nicholas Koppanen

      Wars of Scottish Independence?

    7. The Superintendent

      17:55 Even after Napoleon appointed a French commander to rule a part of Italy, They still switch sides.

    8. Shayne Loeung

      Pls do the war of 1812

    9. EpicJay123

      He was definitely average height right?

    10. Ash. Bl.

      Hey OverSimplified could you list the Reformation ( Martin Luther History( and the 30 years war.

    11. Darth Vader

      Do the Irish revolution please 😄❤️

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      I watched all the videos, now what

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      Hey over simplified, do one on desert storm!!!!

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      New video my baby pleaseeeeeee

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      Hey oversimplified can you please make English civil war please

    18. Neena Panwar

      And 14:25

    19. Zephyr Plante

      can we see the 30 years war

    20. MZ Roblox

      I think that Napoleon was simply defending himself, I don't trust the British.

      1. The Death Star

        In the early stages, yes, but when he invaded Spain he became the aggressor.

    21. Tinykitten 33

      Hey I have an idea for a video! The Crimian war!

    22. Reve Cosse

      I really want to show this video to the emperors in heaven and see their reactions about napoleon lmfaooooo

    23. Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Hiệp

      24:27 lmao lmao lmao. I am dying because laughing to much

    24. sohayb nf

      Can we plz get an episode on all disputes of Eastern Europe countries,, such as Kosovo,Croatia,Serbia,Montenegro,Bosnia,Albania,Macedonia etc... I would really appreciate it

    25. Reve Cosse


    26. Reve Cosse

      0:36 cough so hard

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      Best part of the video 24:37

    28. Miss M Bis

      Hey oversimplified can you do Poland history part1and part2

    29. Anime Bot

      I love how we can post a 30 min video about history and made it fun for kids KIDS!

    30. Anime Bot

      Plz post more ;(

    31. Louisiana

      France: Hey,fellow monarchs!! All monarchs: Screaming! Me: 👁👄👁

    32. Vivien Lee

      imagine if Napoleon went to America for his exile, America would've been a very different place. Tons of revolts for him to fight and lots of policies to reinstate!

    33. Arhum Jain

      Please tell Indian revolution (independence day)

    34. Vivien Lee

      lesson: unless you know how to fight in the winter, DON'T INVADE RUSSIA! and for Russians, DON'T PISS OFF THE RUSSIAN GUARDS.

    35. Uklim Geming



      Doing episode on the Roman Empire!!!!!

    37. Roi Kobe Mallare

      Chad Napoleon, Virgin Allies

    38. Luboman411

      At 9:08. "He kissed me" and "backdoor shenanigans." LOL. I see what you're doing there. ;)

    39. Pavle Dinic

      Please upload more often.

    40. XxRipstikersxX

      wait did they actually kiss

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      24:59 Luffy Intensifies

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      Do one on Ireland and the IRA. Pleaseeeee thank you.

    43. michigan state676

      Vietnam oversimplified next

    44. JAXSON FOURNERAT (Student)

      Napelon. I will successfully invade Russia. Russia. You can’t successfully invade us. Everyone except for the mongols has failed in successfully invading all of us. We have weapons. One we have the winter, two we will run away and not fight him, and finally we will burn everything in his path to the ground. Russia defeats Napelon. Napelon. Oh crud.

      1. JAXSON FOURNERAT (Student)

        @The Death Star I meant to say the imperial Germans not Prussia but I made a mistake as I wrote Prussia instead of the imperial Germans and I also forgot to add the Polish Lithuanian commonwealth but I made another mistake as I wrote the Polish Commonwealth instead of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

      2. JAXSON FOURNERAT (Student)

        @The Death Star and once the cold Russian winter arrived along with many other weapons everyone except for the mongols failed in conquering all of Russian territory and were only able to capture some of Russia’s territory but once the Russian winter and other weapons arrived they were all forced to retreat back to their birth country and in the nazis and Napelons case they were forced to surrender to Russia and other countries that defeated them.

      3. JAXSON FOURNERAT (Student)

        @The Death Star I meant no one except for the mongols successfully invade all of Russia’s territory. Everyone else such as Prussia, the Polish commonwealth, Napelon, Adolf Hitler, and his nazis and German soldiers tried to conquer all of its territory and failed as they were only able to invade some of Russia’s territory and not all of it mostly thanks to the very cold Russian winter or in Napelons case that and they burned everything in his path to the ground and they also ran away and decided not to fight him.

      4. The Death Star

        The Imperial Germans and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth did it successfully.


      Why would this foolish Nepolean not eliminate the root cause of the problem ? The British?

      1. The Death Star

        @Fred Barker Most of the ports and dockyards were blockaded by the Royal Navy, so every time a French warship was launched the British Royal Navy would have either destroyed it then and there or taken it back as a war prize. So it wasn’t really worth building a new fleet.

      2. Fred Barker

        @The Death Star couldn’t Napoleon at his zenith have tried to build a fleet to beat ours (Brits)? Is it a case of you can build a fleet but your sailors and admirals aren’t to the quality of Britain’s royal navy training?

      3. The Death Star

        It’s really simple, France and Britain were separated by the English Channel. In order to get across the English Channel to invade Britain you need a navy, the French navy was destroyed by the British Royal Navy at Trafalgar.

    46. Oskthemosk

      Oversimplified will release the Vietnam war in November 24 or in December 24 how do I know well... In the French Revolution it was uploaded on June 28 and the nepoleonic wars were released on may 28 and oversimplified teased the nepoleonic wars COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT And the Cold War was released on January 24 soo the Vietnam war will be released on December 24 or in November 24 Prob in November 24 tho Also he teased it in the Cold War too BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY Or a oversimplified theory Hope I am right lol Send this to his reddit please I don’t use it

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      I watched both vids, defo one of you're finest works yet. Well done

    50. PlayStation Gamer


    51. Neonboy863

      Napoleon: Well pucker up, boyo! Pierre: Yay! :D

    52. Scotland The Brave

      "Now holding a defensive position at Waterloo." Boomers: don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing don't sing.

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      What are thinking about Austrian emperor Francis II when Napoleon defeat and humiliate him not twice not three but four times 7:21. I guess that emperor never forgets his humiliation even after Napoleon exile and death. Thank you Oversimplified that you make serious historic events funny and entertaining videos

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    63. John Frederickson


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      didn't they send Napoleon to Northern NY?

    65. Jo Aqsha

      Gotta love a guy that had enough balls to fight against everyone around him.

      1. Fred Barker

        And he fought throne inheriting monarchs whereas he rose to crown himself

    66. David Gimenez Manuel

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      I have been running away from bullies my whole life thought I was a coward turns out I am a genius

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      love the content. Would love to see one of the Anglo-Boer and/or Anglo-Zulu wars that were here in South Africa.

    70. Neena Panwar

      24:24 was great

    71. Grant

      Another absolute masterpiece. Well done Oversimplified I loved every minute of this series initially having zero interest in Napoleon. Fascinating

    72. TürkBall

      29:12 I am not indebted to the people who murdered Muslims


      can you please explain THE BATTLE OF PLASSEY please as i want to know more about t in a nice way

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      Just to say I would love a Seven Years war or War of the Austrian Succession by Oversimplified

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      what a legend

    79. Avarel eldinobi

      I miss you

    80. Muskie23

      Classic, history always repeats itself. Leaders over history end up losing in the end because they don’t know when enough is enough. Happened back then and happened in countless wars over history

      1. The Death Star

        Alexander The Great was an exception though.

    81. That Guy

      You should do one on the Swedish Empire

    82. William Dixon

      I would love to see a 2 part episode on the Spanish Civil War, as its history contains the only fascist leader (Franco) that actually had braincells.

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      Imagine if the allies executed Napoleon rather than send him into exile.

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      Seriously, what did Copenhagen do to make the British hate them so much? lol

      1. ThatRabidPotato

        It harbored a massive fleet that was in a position where Napoleon might be able to take it and use it against Britain.

      2. The Death Star

        It wasn’t Copenhagen itself the British hated. It was the 70+ warships that were defending it. Denmark-Norway had good relations with Napoleon and since Napoleon lost his fleet at Trafalgar, forcing Denmark into a military alliance so they could make use of their navy to invade Britain seemed ideal.

      3. Devon Crandlemire

        They existed

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      Carlos IV and Fernando VII, Kings of Spain, father and son, both funily depicted here, 2 of the worst kings of Spain, joinly with Rodrigo in 711 who agreed with muslims the crosssing of Gibraltar strait and Zapatero

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