The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 2)


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    1. IsaacOMG

      Am I the only person who heard him say 1999 in a video about the 1700s

    2. Fleaths OOF

      Most American thing is Ronald McDonald pointing a gun at you

    3. country  Sheckels

      I was like jhon pual Jones is handsome Scottish and fucking badass

    4. ryan capps

      john paul jones im related to im from my great great great great grandpa

    5. Evan Ouk

      The quick nurse simultaneously meddle because car nationally post inside a gabby picture. short, outstanding semicircle

    6. Cdubs C

      Asnt Napoleon born like in this time

    7. Cool Gamer by Hunter

      During this twinkle twinkle little star was invented by an Austrian named Mozart.

    8. Aiden Allan

      No John Paul Jones became the bassist for led zeppelin

    9. The White Don Cheadle

      and then you gave the world biden 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    10. JIANNI

      I like the foreshadowing

    11. JIANNI

      As the war was on going in Europe, France was still struggling internally as they were still deciding if they wanted to surrender or not

      1. La Côte

        and finally, they just made the american victory possible (there was more french soldiers than american soldiers at Yorktown without even taking the french fleet into account, at the battle the management of the artillery was led by french officers, 90 % of american weapons and all of their gunpowders was french, and without the threat of a french landing on their shores, the british could have send far more troops on the colonies). And a few years later, all of Europe had to gang up 7 times against France to finally bring it down after 23 years of war.

    12. Giorgi Turmanidze

      OK Can anyone plz tell me what the background soundtrack 8:38 here is? Cause its really good.

    13. Daber TV

      Him: “think of the most American thing you can thing of” My mind stuck between hot dogs and hamburgers: “ham dogs”

    14. Michael Zuyev

      Have you ever heard of call of war game? If you like war strategies, you must.

    15. The General Puglet

      If u guys think he talks too fast (no offense), try slowing this down to 0.75 x You will understand him better

    16. Jeb Broham

      George Washington, upon leaving his second term in office, warned his successor that "the creation of political parties is detrimental to the survival of the state", basically saying that if you do this, the country will forever be divided. Well what happened? The Federalist and Whig parties were formed, which continue to plague us to this day in the now familiar form of democrats and republican parties. George was right, but nobody listened.

    17. YO B

      Lol basically the world against Britain, and Americans act like they took back their country by themselves lol

    18. Axel Rz

      You don't have to say "but that counts as a British defeat" every time the revolutionries lose... Americans

    19. Killian Holm

      4:30 john Paul jones

      1. Артём К


    20. Olga Lyubavicheva

      the french Revo on oversimplified came not in 2027

    21. Leon Paelinck

      This is so much funnier with subtitles on

      1. Killian Holm


    22. Weaponator18

      The British existed and were taxing the colonies without representation. This angered John Paul Jones. Who punished them severely.

    23. Marv Alison

      Sad that it's past time for another one. These tyrant democrats and their cultist following need to be put down asap.

    24. Justin Paton

      ‘Absolutely insane’ and ‘Scottish’ are basically just the same thing tbf

    25. Kristin Kern Snider

      Spain helps America in the revolution after the revolution I declare war

      1. Killian Holm

        The Spanish American War was I the late 1800s.

    26. epaters

      the world series technically isn't all American. remember that Toronto is in Canada. (Toronto blue jays) and Montreal is in Canada. (Montreal expos)


      Can you make the War of 1812

    28. Shadowc1121 Z

      4:33 JOHN PAUL JONES !!!!! LETS GO !!!

    29. Isser Digan

      The reason why T.Jefferson kept the slaves. Coz Virginia laws make it impossible to free them. Even lobbying penalties.. Hence Washington and Founders that have slaves inherited cant get rid of them..

    30. Senitech

      We gotta respect the People who voted to rebel, they got hearts that nobody can have anymore.

    31. Manu


    32. Bone

      The most American thing ever is beer

      1. gaming guy


    33. Netherlandball

      5:45 Simping detected

    34. Albert Zhao

      Do you notice how on the crossing of the Delaware River a horse falls off the boat?

    35. Tam Nguyen

      The guy can’t read 😂the letter say I’m gonna kick your ass he read I’m gonna lick your ass

    36. Meatwad

      The public owning guns to fight tyranny is pretty American

    37. LoreNMore Reviews

      George Washington- The only man to win a war while attacking the enemy in the Winter.

    38. Dhafin Daryapata

      John Paul Jones is the perfect representation of "this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object"

    39. Carl Carl

      British Navy: Whoever dares to fight me will die John Paul Jones: Amateurs

    40. PIKUNIK

      ваша обувь выглядит восхитительно

    41. Xavier Diaz

      John Paul Jones forsure wore black air force 1's

    42. Yeezy Yankie

      John Paul Jones: Scottish and insane Me: aren't those the same thing?

    43. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work


      Hey Benedict Arnold was recognised for something!

    45. Obie Hewitt

      What about the polish support

    46. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

    47. Attack Helicopter

      The British seems better than the us

    48. N0AH HAYT0N

      As an Englishman I have to say thank God America won imagine Scotland and America getting at us about independence

    49. Eighden Kreifer Fraginal


    50. Ruairí

      12:31 “Using campaign funds to pay for your mistress hush money ❌“ Alexander Hamilton: 👀

      1. Daniel Bruton

        He used his own money, not that of the Treasury. If he had stolen money from the public funds he oversaw, he'd be looking at a lot more than just political disgrace and ostracism.

    51. Fresh

      America mhhhhh reaper

    52. Ringo Animate's

      12:50 Is it just me or does it look like they have high heels on?

      1. Ringo Animate's

        @Blake Mallay Interesting! I know about the wig thing but not the heels.

      2. Blake Mallay

        Men at the time absolutely wore heels. It had a lot to do with riding horses; their feet were more secure in the stirrups. They also wore wigs at that time!


      I still don’t understand when Zulu war was

    54. Johnny Santos

      lord help you if you ever get in the way of anyone named john and it’s the 18th or 19th century. john brown and john paul jones were some crazy mfs

    55. Ithmam Morshed Hossain

      This video was good, and thank you for the 20% discount on Brilliant; it really helped me in math! 😊

    56. Ithmam Morshed Hossain

      So far King Louis XVI has been in three OverSimplified episodes: The American Revolution, The French Revolution, and The Napoleonic Wars.

    57. bcismar

      Just had to stick a proven Democratic party lie in there to slander Trump, didn't you... Other than displaying your ignorance on current politics, this was entertaining and informative.

      1. PokeMario2401

        @bcismar I don't know what any of that really means, I don't give much of a shit about politics, I was just confused as to where Oversimplified put in a Democratic lie in the video

      2. bcismar

        @PokeMario2401 You know, the false claims maid by a shyster lawyer currently in jail for trying to do the same shakedown of Nike. Oh, BTW, just how big is the fund used by the congress to pay off complaints of abuse primarily by Democrats? Clue: They won't disclose the size of expenditures or who they've paid off, but it is in excess of millions.

      3. PokeMario2401


    58. Free Music

      Love blondes

    59. Enrique Perez Sebak

      The thing I know most about america is shooting people.

    60. Juan Ignacio Pinto Rivera

      3:30 a bit early though

    61. Rus C

      1:09 general Cornwallis is the best name

    62. Scott Adler

      Oddly, King George III was a respected astrophysicist who combined astronomy and mathematics to prove the accuracy of the first practical longitudinal chronometer, a really big thing back then.

    63. Emma Bonn


    64. Tristan Ellis Gaming

      Question, do you do requests?

    65. Tristan Ellis Gaming

      You see, we got a little hole in that flag there when Washington took it across the Delaware

    66. DBPlayzIND (DBodyTNT)

      Out of the top 2 that suffered the most ouches- 1. Benedict Arnold AKA Our Good Friend. 2. Literally no one else

    67. Fleuttre

      Please do indian revelotion

    68. Frank Raimbault

      i used to live in whitehaven when i was younger

    69. Braeden Walster

      military genius starter pack - attack during the winter - retreat and lead the enemy on a chase

    70. Oscar Schindler

      2027... No 2021

      1. Simix9810

        No 2019

    71. Mark Ming

      Washington crossed the Delaware and started fighting on an agreed upon ceasefire, Christmas Day. Those wily Americans 🤪

    72. Solo K

      No one: Americans: British: John Paul Jones:"I missed the part where that's my problem"

    73. Aiden Clark

      John Paul Jones: Gentlemen! May you always remember this day as the day you almost caught captain John Paul Jones

    74. Tupperware Glock

      John Paul Jones: *exists* British: "We were not expecting special forces"

    75. Confusionthetree

      Cool story: A few years ago, in my backyard, I dug up a cannonball that was probably a missed shot from a ship on Lake Ontario during the war of 1812

    76. Marie-Pier Edwards

      For those that don’t know the British did infact attack mass, even though the land they invaded would later be part of maine.

    77. Megatree

      This makes me support the British more than the Americans.

    78. Dylan M. Read

      0:53: One of Washington's Derp Horses fell off the boat 1:41: u want in on this action m8? 2:06: hey look new flag! 2:12: hey man r u coming or wat lmao? 3:42: Friedrich Wilhelm August Heinrich Ferdinand Steuben 8:30: CountenanceTome. United States of America: In a relationship with France. Benedict Arnold: My silence is another word for pain. King George III liked a page: KING GEORGE III FANZZ

    79. newenglandsun

      Technically, John Paul Jones would be a privateer, not a pirate, since he is essentially working as a contractor for independent governments.

      1. newenglandsun

        To an extent, the Presidency has also become even more powerful than that of the absolute monarchies.

    80. TheBoyRQ

      R.I.P. John Paul Jones the best man ever. he was a great man.

    81. 25 Cents

      Humminah, humminah -Benjamin Franklin

    82. Todd -

      6:47 Hey they've been free a long time now but enslave themselves by way of voting democrat. More black Americans have died or been imprisoned since Lyndon Johnsons era as the US President through abortion welfare and prison "reform". Let's move on though because Oversimplified wont do an Oversimplified about that.

    83. Cassie N


    84. Alekh Singh

      oversimplifed op in chat

    85. NEDIM

      Oversimplified: quick name the most american thing you know! Me: uh uh... BURGER

      1. Abir Bansal

        ironic cause the Burger isn't even American XD

    86. Brian Recinos

      11:48: not exactly, we had to pay France about $15,000,000 to acquire territory that led up to the Mississippi.

    87. Brian Recinos

      6:43: Oversimplified glosses over the situation for blacks in the North, both free and enslaved. In a book in a book I read as a kid, enslaved blacks were promised freedom if they served which amounted to 5,000 colored troops. That led to slavery's abolishment in the North.

    88. Brian Recinos

      6:12: the Spanish reasons were for to get back Florida and also, Gibraltar. They also tied up British fleets in the Caribbean as part of their assistance to the colonials.

    89. Brian Recinos

      3:10: the reason for the French entry was to avenge their humiliating defeat in the 7 Years War and loss of territory not only in North America, but in India too

    90. Brian Recinos

      1:42: Hoodwinked wouldn't be the exact term here. It would be sticking it to them.

    91. nani

      Most American thing I can thing of.... "FREEDOM"

    92. Charles Randall

      Is just me because I kinda feel bad for Benedict Anrold after all he had his accomplishments taken from him because the other officers took credit

    93. Ian Cruz

      John paul jones such a bad ass of a lone wolf literally went too British and going full on savage, the other countries notice supported what later on happening

      1. Ian Cruz

        @Random Elite No it's second but it's totally a lot touch screen errornon my phone added on basic English n short cut words.

      2. Random Elite

        @Ian Cruz Again, is English your first language? If it isn’t, I can understand why it’s not great

      3. Ian Cruz

        @Random Elite How is that just short cut words. And i'm literally in a small phone with touch screen error.

      4. Random Elite

        @Ian Cruz No that isn’t, that’s just terrible grammar

      5. Ian Cruz

        @Random Elite That basic English short cut words.

    94. Eugene Teh

      “He set up a cabinet of expert advisors, knowing that no president could know everything… no matter how much of a stable genius they claimed to be…” LMAO!!

    95. Mississippi ball

      It said the french revolution would come 2027 Joke of the year

    96. Shevko More

      So, the current American government is the way it is because their first President didn't want to be a President?

    97. Sudheyp Kulashry

      this guy makes animated video for more then 10 min and animation takes time that's why he upload videos so rarely

    98. Sudheyp Kulashry

      ur so funny

    99. JohnyCakes

      This is why you shouldn’t condense American history to two episodes. This sucks. The only things you covered fairly was Washington wearing a military uniform to get the job despite little experience and John Paul Jones. You entirely left out Valcour Island and Arnold’s mistreatment by Congress (don’t get me wrong, he is a traitor, but he is very misunderstood). And if you’re going to mention mistreatment of Native Americans, you must mention Fort Oswego, Venango, and so many others.

      1. JohnyCakes

        @PokeMario2401 and it sucks. Remarkably so

      2. PokeMario2401

        The channel is called "Oversimplified" for a reason

    100. ThrillerKillerX

      Your slave numbers are way over blown.