The American Civil War - OverSimplified (Part 2)


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    1. Nii Tackie

      Abraham Lincoln "all men were created equal ".

    2. Nii Tackie

      So sad that humans 😢 who have the biggest brains in animal kingdom, behaved like these! Never again.

    3. Mr. Mad Man

      Lee was actually the teacher and principle of west point and taught grant and Sherman. So respectably grant beat his teacher

    4. Kevin Onyekwe

      I was about to cry at the end, it's so sad

    5. Thomas Wasily

      Legend has it he is still protecting his beans.

    6. König Gurke

      Abraham lincolns cheekbones vs jefferson Davis cheekbones (Unions best general) Unconditional surrender Grants beard vs (confederacys best General) Lees beard (Grants best friend) Shermans beard vs (Lees right hand man )Stonewall jacksons beard

    7. Kurtis1515

      its sad to think his statue was destroyed

    8. Godly Maticness

      When Lincoln died I just felt sad. He should’ve deserved a happy life

    9. Dani_ gamer PR

      17:52 my man predicted the padme meme

    10. Firemage 2

      Martin L king oversimplified plz

    11. javi009z

      20:15 That was DARK..

    12. Jude Brem

      5:17-5:25 who are those Union generals between Hooker and Meade?

    13. Grass Block

      Petition to invent time travelling to stop Lincoln from dying,the man deserved to be happy

    14. Grass Block

      How wholesome would have it been if they made a truce to celebrate 4th of July,like that one time in a war(i forgot which one i'm an idiot)tge two armies stopped fighing and started chilling for Chrismas night

      1. Some Weeb

        The Christmas truce in ww1

    15. Grass Block

      1:58 There is no way we don't have the guy's name. MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT HIM THAT GOTTA BE ONE OF THE SWEETEST THING HAPPENED IN THAT WAR

    16. Grass Block

      1:32 The moment you relize you've been worshipping Thor instead of God,and you regret it

    17. doeg

      Honey money

    18. Lida

      That bts calendar tho😂😂

    19. JIANNI

      I like how the lighting hit both of them as in God wasn't on either side *seems suspicious*

    20. SorryMinati

      To think there was a man like this in the US, and on earth is a sign that people can be good I'm not even American, but man, he is an absolute boss

    21. OrderOfPhleb

      YO they could’ve named West Virginia Mississippissipissipi

    22. Sir Vulcan

      Lincoln: Why do all my generals have to be so useless, UHH I could really do with a Napoleon right now.

    23. EmeraldPickaxe

      Sure hope that Joseph brought his beans to the Gettysburg ceremony..

    24. The Legend Waleed

      Lincoln is the hero because of him USA is now in top in every thing

    25. Danny Dan

      All those statue breking bitches should be locked up for life

    26. David

      So... what was the civil war about?

    27. satyam gupta

      at "Brother against Brother " i cried .

    28. sauce master

      "Brother against brother, father against son; the war that nobody won"

    29. Joe Bell


    30. Smokey420Greenleaf

      who in the name of fuck if this dude in the green hat you guys keep showing in like every single video you make as if we're supposed to recognize his from somewhere?

    31. T Da Alien

      Like watching a movie 👏🏾

    32. DoodleAnimationsYT

      I went to where Pickett’s charge was today and he did a somewhat good job of what is looks like

    33. Sachiko

      Yay he going to be ha- “Play-“ NO

    34. chetriip09

      5:19 Oversimplified predicted Trump calling Joe Biden "sleepy joe"

    35. senagabenagaineklerikimsaga

      your midpoint advertisements in the video, are so annoying

    36. Alexandra Solivio

      Oh c.e.o

    37. Gustavo Carrasco

      Oversimplified: 19:52 Me: You're tearing me apart, stop it.

    38. Angela Madrazo


    39. Ivan Gemmill

      Confederates: why do hear boss music and smell whiskey?

    40. chaotixninja5

      Lincoln: "Go fight, you have more soldiers!" McClellan: "No." Oversimplified: "This angered Lincoln greatly, who punished him severely."

    41. Rui Yi Lee

      Did anyone notice the BTS calendar?

    42. Fireheart

      can you the civil rights movement oversimplified?

    43. Bob Jones

      Wow you addressed blacks demanded to come into the war as soldiers in large numbers to fight for the end of slavery. Well done I have rarely seen it brought up and not many know this fact.

    44. tulips

      The greatest personality ABRAHAM LINCOLN

    45. tulips

      10:47 bts play major role in American civil war

    46. Tiernan Wearen

      Poor William McLean union officers started robbing his furniture as sovieners

    47. Ronte' Nelson

      This is amazing.

    48. Jason Lynn


    49. Kckeith1323


    50. Aiyan Alam

      What's the theme at the end of the video?

      1. Aiyan Alam

        or like the song, the background song

    51. Aiyan Alam

      General Snapping Turtle Meade*, not Snapping Turtle McGee, in case anyone was confused

    52. Jange101


    53. E E

      The confederates merely failed to win

    54. Simon X

      10:57 ah yes Confederate looking at k pop calendar

    55. Wibi Dharma Laksana

      10:52 gw kira siapa ternyata BTS jirr kwkwkwkkwkw

    56. L3G3ND P4ND4

      The only good generals were Lee and Grant lmao

    57. °Random_Fandom°

      I'm a stickler for US history, and these videos are full of nostalgia for me

    58. Jon P.

      Now I want to visit the Lincoln Memorial

      1. Connor Sloan

        You should go to Springfield, Il instead. The Lincoln museum, library, and home are all dope as hell, as is New Salem.

    59. AkaylaaoàpoLaiu Daniel

      Kick those csa rebels go USA

    60. misha_potiy

      I am Ukrainian and I don't see it as an obligation to learn the American Civil War in detail, but the fact the majority of viewers are Americans (as I predict it) is driving me nuts. People don't say to me that 2 30 minutes videos are everything that you know about the war!?

    61. Payton Jones

      Holy crap I’m dumb I live in Chattanooga and didn’t even know this

    62. Julie Sandine

      16:33 there not over yet baby hek yeah they arant

    63. Kevin Trevino

      Why you no just put real south flag

    64. Cody Queen

      Literally made the secret service hours before he was shot

    65. The Simple Life

      Im a man of color, and I truly respect and honor all the white men that laid down their lives to fight for my future freedom.. On both sides,, men fought for what they believed in, and I can respect that.

    66. Fahim Foysal Nibir

      So why exactly lincoln was shot? I mean, what was booth's purpose?

      1. SuperRedSpace

        cuz Booth was racist towards blacks and a southern sympathizer, and hated how slaves were becoming free and that Lincoln wanted to give more rights towards blacks.

    67. Kunal Kherajani

      Hello, I'm a really big fan of yours from India, can you please do some videos on Indian History, anything you like, indus valley, golden age of India, Chandragupta or maratha empires, Mughal rulers or India's revolt against the British, anything you like, just please do some video on India, big fan of your work

    68. Awani Singh

      10:51 So they were a fan of BTS? Understandable.


      “I merely failed to win” I’m stealing that

    70. Hands

      I wish you did videos on Reconstruction.

    71. Very Angry Duck PL

      What is wrong with american Generals?!

    72. Robert E Lee

      At least I was a Better General


      Everything aside......did anyone else noticed the K pop at 10min 51 sec of the video... XD

    74. Tundraman

      I am not an American but this is truly a good history video. Worth my time

    75. General Smite

      As a West Virginian the joke about the state is fair

    76. Vanessa Perez

      Add a public comment…

    77. Karl Fitzner

      Republicans Freed The Slaves. ;-) (There was no "switch" over time...that's just what democrats say so they don't need to own their past.)

      1. Connor Sloan

        There was 100% a switch over time. It's a fact.

    78. Mike

      So the south lost the battle but won the war

    79. Amie Bustos

      I saw bts y just y but ok

    80. awesome 346

      please don't use the Lord's name in vain

    81. Shizu Tanako

      Grant and Robert E Lee both have spine surgeries after the war, for injuries while carrying both their sides

    82. Piotr Borowski

      All hail President Lincoln. American or not.

    83. Yeniçeri Ağası

      There is history content on my own youtube channel, don't forget to check it out

    84. I Karzer

      The ending tho I was so close to crying

    85. USSR

      Can I use honey to pay for my college tuition

    86. isabelle wu

      off topic but at 10:50 on the calendar there bts

    87. Tom Curl

      That Nathan Bedford Forrest statue has been painted pink because everybody hates it but it’s privately owned and so the town can’t make it so that it can be torn down

    88. Tom Curl

      May stonewall Jackson rest in peace his death was a tragedy not that I agree with his position during the war but it’s still sad he died the way he did

    89. XY

      The real winner was the Person who didnt let them take their Beans

    90. Emma Bonn

      0:32 Of course they were friends Alcohol is flammable

    91. StarQlero Gameplays

      McClellan looks like a mexican general of the time too called Porfirio Diaz

    92. Merih Dinc

      Lincoln : now its time to be happy and have fun from life the war ended god : I'm gona and this mens hole career

    93. Jerald Puri

      I'm now in Canada

    94. Marie Blade

      OMG IM DEAD 🤣👏🏼🤣 BTS is legit on the calendar @10:47

    95. Jesus Christ

      1:30 yeah I’m part of the Union

    96. Whiff

      Thank god for Lincoln or I wouldn’t be in this PLshows comment section rn

    97. Aaron Ennis

      I was born on April 14th day he got shoot in the head

    98. Elijah Schwartz

      Sherman and grant are the most gigachad Pair ever

    99. Ben Cochrane

      The Battle of Gettysburg was in July not June

    100. Linus Enevald

      Grant was the only true great general for the union we should all respect him for what he did without him the world would not have been the same as it is today